French Market Basket, Revisited

It’s time to revisit a post from last February, and we selected our French Market Basket Upgrade post.  This basket started out as a new basket that Mom purchased at Jo-ann’s, but she wanted it to look used, worn and aged.  Check it out!

Hi everyone. I bought a new French market basket a while back at a craft store in Syracuse and decided that it was looking too….well……too new. We have been using it to hold our umbrellas in the foyer, and I decided it was time to upgrade it by adding some age and personality to it.. After all, doesn’t everything (and everyone) that has some age on it have more personality???? Just saying…. You could use this same approach to age any basket.


French market basket

I added a few different colors of paint and then a little marche sign to it. One of the translations of marche in French is shop. (It also means walk or stroll, so, both work.)



French market basket

I used Paris Grey chalk paint and applied it using a sponge brush. Then I wiped some off. Then I added some oil rubbed bronze and wiped it off. Finally, I added some Briwax to darken and age it even more.





I roughly cut out a piece of gingham from my fabric bin and just attached it with glue. I used some acrylic paint to add the wording.




French market basket


The basket looked like this when I began.




French Market Basket

And here’s the final result. Don’t you think it has more personality???


Take care.