The Tidying Up Book – Part 2

Y’all remember the tidying up book that swept our country by a storm last fall, don’t you?  My kids, their spouses, and I all read that book, and it made a difference in the way we live.  Well, author Marie Kondo has written a second book called Spark Joy.  It was released just a few weeks ago.  My friend Beth gave a copy of it to me for my birthday, and I am thrilled.  I am already a somewhat organized person and just soak up organization advice any time I can get it.  The title Spark Joy comes from the fact that Marie feels you should only own things things that give you joy.  If they don’t “spark joy”, then they are clutter, and you should get rid of them.


 The Tidy Up author is back with Spark Joy.  It contains great organizing tips. - The 2 Seasons

Spark Joy goes into details about folding clothes, storage, what to do with family memorabilia, and more. It has been called an “illustrated master class in the art of organizing and tidying up.”   I am sure we all have a box/trunk or two of items in our basements that have been handed down from the family.  She addresses how to deal with these items so that we aren’t loaded with guilt (and quilts).

If you love a good organizing book, then we recommend this one.  Happy reading!


Take care.


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  1. Cheryl Ann says

    I’m pretty organized too Janette and found the idea of holding a belonging to see if I felt joy was kind of strange to say the least. Then all of a sudden I “got it” and knew I’d been thinking of what to get rid of instead of what brought joy to my life. Slowly it’s making sense and I look forward to this new book. Thanks for the recommendation. Blessings, Cheryl Ann

  2. says

    I just bought this book and received it the other day. NOW I need to read it – unplug and get to readin – I sooooo need to organize clean and tidy my world! Can’t wait, though I wish I had the energy!

    If I ever get to finishing it I will read this one , too! : – )