We Converted a Table into an Island

We have been in our house almost three months, and I feel as if I have had a paint brush in my hand the whole time.  I have really enjoyed our kitchen and the fact that it is open to the living room.  I don’t ever feel as if I am away from the action and off cooking dinner on my own.  Yankee chats and hangs out while I cook, or we cook together.  Yes, he’s a keeper.  Our kitchen is a work in progress (we will be painting the cabinets, changing the lights and the back splash.)  However, it is still a very nice kitchen, and I want to make the most of this good thing.   There is a large amount of open space in the middle, and after measuring and remeasuring, we converted a table into a kitchen island.  It looks great and has given us extra counter and storage space.

New House Kitchen before

This is our kitchen on move-in day.  The walls, ceiling, and trim have been painted, but the cabinets haven’t changed.



Kitchen Island 3

My grandmother used to own a restaurant, and when I was in college, she gave this small restaurant table to me for the dining room in my house.  I left the legs natural but painted the top yellow.  When Mom was here, we decided that a black top would tie in nicely with the counter tops, and she painted it.  The pine legs are almost the same finish as the cabinets.



Kitchen Island 4

I added a towel bar to the side to hold some colorful dish towels that depict my hometown of Lexington, KY.


Kitchen Island 5


I could add another towel bar to the other side or hooks to hold hot pads or even pots and pans.  I also want to attach a shelf to the bottom for some baskets.


Kitchen Island

Mom used some left over Annie Sloan chalk paint for the top, and I sealed it with a clear wax.  That makes it possible to really use the table when I am in the middle of preparing a meal.  I have thought about adding casters to the bottom that would make it both taller and movable, but I just haven’t done it yet.


If you need an island in your kitchen and have an extra table, this would be an easy solution.  It has sure worked for me.





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    Viva la difference in paint colors alone! Wow, that earlier paint color was a downer! Love the island, + I was just going to ask if you wanted to put wheels on it. IKEA has them for not much money, but I wonder if they are too big for your table’s slender legs. Have a great day!

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      I think wheels would be great, but since the legs are so skinny I am not sure it will work. I will have to check out the wheels next time I head to Ikea!


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    Wheels would be make it more versatile – it would make a great sideboard when you entertain. The kitchen really brightened up with that paint, and I like the natural stain on the cabinets. New hardware would really make a big difference in the interim.

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      I love the sideboard idea for entertaining. Ok add wheels to my shopping list. I agree with new hardware, sometimes I wish there were fewer choices it is so hard to decide.