Adoption Update – #4

 We are going to interrupt this holiday season with an adoption update on our “Little Miss.”  She is now 15 months old, and we know she will be in our arms and her stocking  will be hanging on our mantel by next Christmas.  Our recent move to North Carolina did not put a delay on the process, but we did have to update our home study.  That means we were assigned a new adoption social worker who visited our home and interviewed us.  She had to take the information she gathered and file a new report.  Then we had to get a new set of finger prints and a clearance from our new state of North Carolina.  For some unknown reason we have to periodically have new finger prints made.  I know……that is weird.

Little Miss room

Since the paper work is finished for now, we have jumped into the nesting mode.  While Yankee is away on a business trip, Mom came to Charlotte and together we painted the room that will belong to “Little Miss.”  I’m sure you won’t be surprised that it is pink.  We also have purchased a bed and art, have a chair, and are on the look-out for a rug.


 Burt Bees Baby- Tee Dress

We haven’t purchased anything else, but while I was browsing on the internet, I discovered that Burt’s Bees carries a line for children.

Burt Bees Baby- Dress

I thought they just had chap stick and skin products.  However, their Burt’s Bees Baby line offers products for babies, and kids. It includes bath products, storage and gear, family jammies, and gifts. Plus they offer 100% organic cotton apparel.

Burt Bees Baby- Quilt

Every three months we are allowed to send a package to “Little Miss.”  The items can weigh no more than one pound and have to fit into a gallon-sized zip lock bag.  We hope to include a light-weight blanket in the next packet.


Burt Bees Baby - Jammies

So far we have sent photos of us, our parents and our dog Gracie, two outfits, letters, and a disposable camera.  It’s our hope that the foster mother will take photos of “Little Miss” so we can put them in a baby book for her.




Burt Bees Baby- Bundle

We are told that as they get older, adopted children like to see photos of their lives before they come home.  It helps fill in that missing gap for them.



 Burt Bees Baby - Basket

Our dog has her own basket for toys, and so, I was happy to see that we can get some baskets for “Little Miss” from Burt’s Bees Baby for her toys. Burt’s Bees Baby also has family jammies and even stockings.  I haven’t told Yankee this yet, but next year I hope we will all be dressed in our Christmas pajamas together as we snuggle as a family for our first Christmas together.

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This blog post was sponsored by Burt’s Bees Baby, but all opinions are our own.