A Christmas Brunch

Each year we entertain our friends Missie and Ed for a special Christmas meal.  Most years it is a nice sit-down dinner, but this year I decided to follow my own advice, and  serve brunch instead.  We tail-gate with Missie and Ed for UK football games, and so, it is nice to see each other in a calmer atmosphere wearing something other than Kentucky blue.  It was even more special because Jordan is still here and was able to enjoy it with us.  We thought you might enjoy seeing the table that we set for the Christmas brunch.

Christmas brunch - The 2 Seasons

As you know, I am a traditional red and green girl when it comes to Christmas decorations, and setting the table is no different.  I decided to use our red and white plates instead of our wedding china, and it made the table look more festive and not quite as formal.  By the way, owning red and white dinner plates is a smart investment if you enjoy mixing up your table settings for the holidays.  I use these plates for Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, and July 4th.  By changing the accessories and colors of everything else, they are very versatile.  Something like these would be perfect.



Christmas brunch - The 2 Seasons

I paired the red and white with our green depression glass and green glass chargers that were used at Cory and Josie’s wedding.




I like to use this basic cream colored table cloth, and I recently bought new ones in two sizes.  That way I have one that fits the table normally, and one that fits it when the leaves are in.  Using a basic background gives me the chance to layer in color in some other way, and also, it can be dressed up or dressed down.  This time I added a plaid, flannel runner that I made to give the table another pop of color.  Our silver pattern fit right in with everything.



Christmas poinsettia cocktail - The 2 Seasons

We started the get-together with some good conversation while sipping poinsettia cocktails.



Christmas brunch - The 2 Seasons

When it was time to eat, we all feasted on vegetable frittata, cheese grits, spinach salad, and these biscuits along with some homemade blackberry jam.  Rather than serving a sweet dessert, the finale was plain yogurt drizzled with honey and topped with pomegranate seeds.



Christmas brunch - The 2 Seasons

One of the advantages of serving brunch is that you still have the whole afternoon to do other things.  We hit the movies!!!  How about you?  Have you done any Christmas entertaining yet?



Take care.


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