The Gift of a Letter

One of the things we love so much about Christmas is that it is the one time of the year that we sit down with a pen, stamps, envelopes, and cards and reach out to our friends the old fashioned way.  It’s so easy to take a few seconds and send off a text or email, but writing out a card and note means so much more.  It tells the receiver that you really care, and you are showing it by giving them your time.  It’s a gift, really…..a gift of a letter.


My brother and his wife started their relationship by writing letters – real letters  – to one another.  They met in a wonderful setting on a wonderful day, but when the day ended, they both had to return to their respective cities and carry on with life.  Their relationship grew over the months through pen and paper.


 Zazzle Christmas cards

On most days my mail delivery is full of catalogs, magazines and junk mail.  If and when I ever receive a hand-written letter, I take the time to sit down immediately and read it.    Afterwards, I feel a real connection to the person who wrote it, and in some odd way, our friendship has been rekindled.  That’s why sending holiday cards is so important.  They help keep us connected in a real way.



This year we decided to forgo our pop-culture photo Christmas cards and to individually select cards that we know will mean something to the person who receives it.  Not only am I going to send a special card, but I am also going to include a note.  I found a great selection of beautiful cards at Zazzle.  They made it so easy for me to make personalized choices for every person on our card list.



The letters that are sent with Christmas cards don’t have to be long.  Actually, they can just be a few sentences.  I even selected some special post cards.  (Since my mom loves bicycling and old post cards, she might receive this one.  Shhhhh!!!)  I’m sure we will tell our friends about our move, the upcoming arrival of Little Miss, and wish them a Merry Christmas.





Another thing I learned while perusing Zazzle is I was able to customize the greetings on the fronts of the cards and on the insides.  One of the great things about sending cards and letters is that you can be anywhere in the world and put pen to paper.  You don’t need a pass word, a desk, a charged battery, or a computer.  It’s just pen and paper.  How simple and wonderful is that?



Zazzle also makes customized stamps, a touch that I love.  I took calligraphy classes when I lived in Atlanta, and the outside is just as important.  Adding a customized stamp really ties the presentation all together.



Next Christmas we will be a family of three, and we can’t wait to add Little Miss to our family cards that we will have printed by Zazzle.  There’s no end to what they can do to personalize holiday cards.  I spent lots of time looking at their wonderful ideas and selections.  It is getting me super excited!


If you haven’t made your holiday card purchases yet, please do yourself and your friends a favor, and check out the selection at Zazzle.  I am sure you will find just the right card for each person or family on your list.

Happy letter writing!



This post was sponsored by Zazzle, but all ideas and opinions are ours.




  1. Jen Y says

    I love Christmas cards so much.

    When I was first married I couldn’t toss my cards after that first Christmas together. So I stored them with my decorations. The following year, as cards came in, I went through the old ones & tossed the card from that person. A tradition was born but over the years something even sweeter happened. As I went through the previous years’ cards i noticed that I had a stack from family & friends who had passed away. So I have the last card they sent to me & they are treasured every year when I prepare to write out my new cards.

    I’ve sent a handwritten note or full letter in each card & really enjoy receiving them as well.