Spicy Margarita Recipe

We were in sunny California for a long week-end recently, and I was introduced to a new drink.  My friend Reagan and his gang concocted a spicy margarita that combines the flavors of orange, lemon, lime, and serrano pepper to create a cocktail that is beyond anything I have ever tasted.  Keeping in mind that my spice meter registers on the low side, there was just enough kick to this drink to make it worth my while.  Those of you who say more is more when it comes to peppers, can up your dosage by adding a few more slices of the pepper to this concoction.  This drink was served with Reagan’s fish and shrimp tacos, but you can serve it along with these and this.  This spicy margarita is a perfect drink for those cold months we are about to meet, and if you add it to your holiday cocktail menu, your friends and family might just make sure you get an extra gift or two.

Spicy Margarita




Source – Reagan W.


Serves 4

1/2 lime, sliced into wedges


1/2 lemon, sliced into wedges



1/2 orange, sliced into wedges


1 serrano pepper, sliced with seeds removed


4 cups limeade


  1 cup silver  tequila


1/2 cup orange liqueur


4 tablespoons agave



Muddle the orange, lemon, lime slices along with 4 slices of serrano pepper in a pitcher.  (Use more peppers if you want more spice, but taste it first.)   Add the limemade, tequila, agave, and orange liqueur and stir to mix.  This mixture may be refrigerated at this point.  When it is time to serve, put enough for one serving into a shaker along with ice cubes and shake for 30 seconds.  Pour just the liquid into a cocktail glass, and add ice.  Garnish with peppers or fruit.  Add salt to the glass if you wish.  (We felt the salt detracted from the flavors of the drink.)  Prepare yourself for compliments.



Spicey Margarita

We have a great list of features lined up for tomorrow.  We hope to see you back here then.


Take care.