How to Convert a Basic Outlet to a USB Outlet

One thing Yankee and I have noticed about not living in an older home is the amount of outlets we now have.  In Syracuse I think I called the electrician every year to add an outlet here and there.  Hopefully, the new owners noticed!  Our new kitchen alone has 12 outlets!  (I don’t think I will ever need 12 outlets at one time.)  Even though we like to write about the pretty stuff around here, every now and then we throw in a how-to post that might help you out.  This is one of those posts because we are going to show you how simple it is to convert a basic outlet to a USB outlet.

USB Outlets


Yankee, has talked about switching some outlets to USB outlets, and before I knew it, he had purchased this two pack .  He thought starting small would be the way to go, and if we need more, he can easily add them.  Frankly, I didn’t even know these kinds of outlets existed.



Changing an outlet to a USB outlet

We decided to use this one outlet in the corner of the kitchen as our tester.  Our outlets in this area are beige which match the tile.  Eventually, we will replace it with white subway tile, and then the outlets on the tile wall will be changed to white.



IMChanging an outlet to a USB outletG_9235

The first and most important step is to turn off the power.  It’s a very important step when doing anything electrical.  Then  remove the outlet cover, and pull out the outlet.



Changing an outlet to a USB outlet

While Yankee was doing this step, I turned around for a few seconds to play with Gracie, and when I came back around, he already had switched it out.  He just followed the instructions and reattached the wires to the new USB outlet.



Changing an outlet to a USB outlet

Then he screwed the new outlet back in place.



Changing an outlet to a USB outlet

The last step was adding the new plate cover.



Changing an outlet to a USB outlet

It was that simple, and now we can charge many of our devices with the USB cord.  It was such a fast fix and modern update  for our outlets!



Changing an outlet to a USB outlet

The great thing is I didn’t lose my outlet, but I did gain the USB capability.  I love these fast projects that actually go as planned.



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