Two Ingredient Tomato Bisque

Mr. Right and I love a bowl of soup for lunch in the fall and winter.  Although I prefer to make my soups from scratch, I often make a tomato bisque from just two ingredients.  You read that right. TWO!!  Of course, one of them is a can of tomato soup, but the second ingredient takes it up to a whole new level.  I love this bisque so much that I have even served it as a starter for a girls’ lunch that I hosted.  This bisque is great served with a salad, homemade croutons, or the ever-faithful grilled cheese.  Make some for your family this week-end.

Tomato Bisque



(source – unknown)


1 can of tomato soup (I used Campbells)

An equal amount of butter milk


Add both ingredients to a pan and cook on medium heat till it just begins to boil stirring frequently.  Serve immediately.


Do you have some great plans for the week-end?  I am in California for a long-weekend with Mr. Right, our son, daughter-in-law, and her family.  We have rented a house on the beach, and we are enjoying just chilling out.

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    Wow…never thought to use buttermilk…I use regular milk instead of water!….I have to try this as one of my fav lunches is a great grilled cheese and tomato soup….I even mentioned that combo on my blog today! funny!…..Have a great weekend!