Our New House- The Upstairs

Wow! It’s great to read all the comments about the post my mom published yesterday.  I agree 100 percent and am not even thinking of Christmas.  Heck, I am having a hard time thinking of fall.  It has been so crazy with our move and vacation and the adoption paper work. Things are moving along here at our new house, and I’m ready to show  you the before photos of our upstairs. If you missed the first floor photos, you can see them here. While the first floor has been completely painted (every wall, ceiling, and molding) nothing as been done to the upstairs yet. Let’s get to the tour.

New House Upstairs

This is the master bedroom, and it is filled with windows which are really nice.  This time around we have his and her closets that will eventually be organized.


The new house -Before

The room is really long, and do you see those French doors? Well, there’s something amazing behind them.


The new house -before

This picture is from the MLS listing, but you can see there’s a balcony leading from the bedroom.  We just love it, and once we get furniture, I am sure we will enjoy this additional outdoor space.  We had a cute bistro set as shown in the pictures, but somehow it was destroyed in the move.



The new house before

This made the move worth it.  We have gone from a house with a single full bath to our own bath en suite.  Our old bathroom was fine and comfy for the two of us, and we would have made it work with Little Miss, but  I love having our own bath.  It was great when family was visiting last week to have more than one shower.  This bath is actually huge. We think it is about the size of the Florida room in our last house.



The New House Before

I know a lot of people like the look of a claw foot or soaker tub, but I love this tub. It is like my own hot tub.  Do I love the style?  No, but I love the relaxing spa feel.  It will be much better after the room is painted and decorated.



The House before

We have two additional bedrooms upstairs.  They are both the same size, but this one has a better closet.  We decided this will be great for Little Miss.  The room was filled with these stickers so after peeling them off, I had a little touch up to do.  The rooms are on the small side, so a twin bed (day bed) will be in this room.  I have been looking at paint colors, and I really can’t wait to do our daughter’s room.  Being busy helps with the wait, and even though we are adopting, I feel the nesting urge big time.



The House Before

This is the other bedroom which will be the guest room.  We will eventually put two twin beds in this room.  Since it is small,  we thought we could work more with twin beds versus  a queen.  It gets great morning light.



The new House before

This was the only room in the whole house that was not beige, and I was thrilled.  We were going to keep it till we peeled off the stickers, and some of the drywall started to come off.  So this room will also be painted.  We might keep the blue ceiling if we can clean off some smudge marks on the ceiling.  I mean at this point, what is another ceiling to paint?



The new house before

This will be the bath for Little Miss and our guests.  It has everything you need.  My parents removed the shower door and put up a shower curtain and rod.  It will make it much easier to help our little girl with her baths. Removing the glass doors made a huge difference and will definitely make bath times easier.  The floor is a neutral tile that we like because it will match anything and everything and will be very durable.  Eventually we will change out the lights in the bathrooms and possibly paint the cabinets.  That’s down the road, though.  This might be our forever house so we have lots of time to make changes and improvements.


New House

I thought I would leave you a sneak peak of the first room that we painted.  This is where it all started – the dining room, and you can see a huge difference in the white is versus the cream.  That was only the first coat, and I love how fresh our entire first floor now feels.  Eventually, the upstairs will get there.  I hope you enjoyed the rest of our house tour.  I love our home and neighborhood and still can’t stop smiling.


Thank you so much for reading our blog.




  1. Beth Lowe says

    I am so excited about your new home. It has lovely bones and with your wonderful sense of style, it will shine. It will be fun to watch the changes.

  2. Donnamae says

    I really love your home! And all that wainscoting? Perfect! It’s going to be fun watching all that you do with your new home! 😉

  3. Carolyn Rasnick says

    The outside of your new home is so charming and I know you will create a charming interior to match! Will love watching you transform it!