Three Great Recipes Using Pumpkin

One of the many things I love about fall is eating (and drinking) anything made with pumpkin.   I was right in line on the first day that pumpkin lattes went on sale, and I even have a pumpkin air freshener  – for smelling not eating – hidden away in my car.  I thought it might be fun to revisit three pumpkin recipes we have shared in the past.  Enjoy the revisit.  Maybe this will give you a little inspiration to get your pumpkin on.

Pumpkin Bread

I love a good piece of pumpkin bread for breakfast along with a cup of tea.  This recipe for pumpkin bread is a good one.  It also makes great muffins, mini or large.  Just be sure to adjust your baking time.


Chick Pot Pie in Pumpkin

Chicken pot pie is a great comfort food.  This chicken pot pie baked in a small pumpkin and wearing a crust top takes it up a notch.  It’s a fun dish to serve to dinner guests because its presentation is unexpected.  It makes your party become a PARTY.


Pumpkin Pancakes

If you are into pancakes as much as we are, then you must try these pumpkin pancakes.  Remember that pumpkin is one of the super foods, so even though these might be indulgent, you are doing something good for your brain (;


Take care.


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    Your pumpkin bread has my name on it! I need to make it to take to my daughter’s in Lex. I am putting together a housewarming basket. They moved into their “new to them” house in Lex recently. I am anxious to see Jordan’s house interior soon. I saw the exterior pic last week and her new house is charming! Sheila