Fall Arrives on the Kitchen Table

Are you all having as much fun with this fall late summer weather as I am?  It seems as if the fall coolish weather showed up for a few days, and I am embracing adding a warmish layer to my daily outfits. If you have been around here a while, then you know I like to work a lot with what I have when it comes to decorating.  I was able to put together a cute centerpiece for the kitchen table, and I only had to buy some candles.  Everything else was on the one shelving unit for my seasonal goodies in our storage area.


Fall vignette

I love a high/low mix, so, I pulled out all of my glass/crystal candlesticks.  Six of them are high end, and three are from the dollar store.  It’s hard to tell which is which.  I just want you to know that yes, I see that crooked candle but didn’t notice it till after the photos were uploaded onto the blog.


Fall vignette

I put them on top of this glass tray that came from a friend’s shop last year. I never really knew what to do with it, but  I think this is exactly how it was meant to look.  Since our new rustic shelves are all decked out for fall, I wanted to add some shiny sparkle to offset them.  This get-up is just right.



Fall vignette

Another reason this is great for the kitchen table is that it’s easy to just pick up and put on the buffet when it’s time to set the table.  That’s a score in my book.



 Fall centerpiece in kitchen

The colors play well with my new old rug.  Do you see that little yellow pad under the chair?



It is a bed that belongs to our little house guest, Gracie.  I am dog-sitting for my son and daughter-in-law who are dog-sitting for Jordan and Yankee.  Did you follow that?  Since Jordan’s and Yankee’s vacation is followed immediately by their move, they wanted Gracie to be with family till the transition is over.  What you couldn’t see in these photos is that while I was taking them, she was busy rolling and rolling on the rug to scratch her back.  She is loaded with energy.  She is the sweetest little thing, but she is keeping us busy.  She only knows the meaning of run.  Walk is not in her vocabulary.  We have really enjoyed her, and it has been exhausting fun to keep her occupied.


Take care.