New Pillow From Old Sport Coat in the Sunroom

I am so excited about the way our sun room looks right now.  Usually when I put away the summer look in that small solarium connected to our kitchen and great room, I bring out the wool blankets, flannel fabric, and plaid pillows.  But this year’s look was inspired by a blast from the past – literally.  A few years ago I bought some wool plaid sport coats at the thrift store and made pillows with them.  They were inspired by the Ralph Lauren look (I love me some Ralph) of paneled rooms, dark wood, traditional rugs, silver, old photos, etc.  Ralph had some great pillows in my favorite wool fabrics, but there was no way I was going to pay several hundred dollars for a pillow.  So, I came up with an alternate look but still with that old world charm.  I got the look by using sport coats.


Fall sunroom

While Ralph’s pillows were regular pillows, I didn’t disguise the fact that my pillows had a previous life.


 Sports Coat Pillows


Fall sunroom

After I made the pillow, I took the cuffs and patches and appliqued them to the top.  The back has an envelope style closure made from a painter’s drop cloth.  I tied the opening shut with suede ribbons that were in my ribbon stash.



Fall sunroom

The brown pillow is the newest one, and I made the others two years ago.


Fall sunroom

They set the tone for the rest of the room.


Fall sunroom

I shopped the house and my storage shelves for the rest of the accessories to get color and texture.



Fall sunroom


This great lamp started its life as a cream can on a farm near where I grew up.  My mother painted a scene on it, and the colors are perfect for fall.  The bowl of balls came from ebay a few years ago.


Fall sunroom

The painting that I did of a fall leaf on a park bench in Paris fits right in.



Fall sunroom

I always say silver is like jewelry for a room.  I put a postcard of a fall painting by Monet in this silver-toned frame.  It adds a little sparkle.



Fall sunroom

I eat breakfast in this room when the weather permits.  It’s nice having some fall flowers to add more color.




Grain scoop

This odd looking thing started its life as a grain scoop, and then my mother decided to tole paint a little scene onto it.  It’s chippy now which makes me like it even more.

Grain scoop

It makes a perfect candle holder.




It’s nice to have a blanket to put over my legs if it’s a little cool.




The French wash bucket stays in the room all year.



Spring in the sunroom


This was its summer look.


Fall sunroom

And here is the fall look again.  With the change of a few accessories, including the sport coat pillows, the room now is cozy for the cool weather.


Thanks so much for stopping in.  We’ll see you back here tomorrow.

Take care.


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    What beautiful pillows… fav is the brown houndstooth pillow with those amazing buttons and the patch…a true RL look…..and love the grain scoop that your mother worked her beautiful magic on!….A great look/transformation from summer to fall!!!

  2. says

    Janette, I love your sunroom and how you’ve dressed it for fall. I always love a masculine/feminine mix. I love how you’ve been able to downsize and yet have a sunroom. I believe that will be a “must have” on my list in downsizing. My sunroom is my favorite room in my house, and because ours is temperature controlled, I spend most of my free time there. Love your space!

    • says

      Rita, thank you. The only thing about our sunroom that we don’t like is that it gets very, very hot in the afternoon to early evening in the summer because it gets the afternoon sun.