Updates in the Living Room

I hope everyone had a fun weekend.  We were busy doing some last minute things to get our house on the market #soexcited! I realized that I had made some changes in our living room and never shared them with you, so, today is the day.



Living Room

The biggest change in the living room is the paint color.  It was the one room in the house that I had not painted, and before we knew we were moving, I took a brush to the room.  I went with Cotton Grey by Behr and LOVE the color.  Highly recommend.


House Tour-The 2 Seasons

This was our living room before.  I liked our rug but was getting tired of it, so, I decided it was time for a new rug.  Also, if you look the right of the colorful art, you will see the squared off angle into the Florida room.  The other side has a nice curve which works with a house that was built in 1928.  Finally, this year we had contractors curve the other side to match.



Living room FL Room

You would never notice the change unless we pointed it out because it works like this.  When one side was square and one side angled, it really got on my nerves.  Now it looks as if it has always been that way.



House Tour - The 2 Seasons

I also did some furniture moving.  We had these houndstooth chairs in our master bedroom, and I decided they would look better in the living room.



Houndstooth Chair


I enjoyed these chairs in the master, but they work better in the living room.  I got them at Target of all places.  They do not have the exact same chair anymore, but they have this one which is similar. (Hmm, maybe next house).



Living Room


Living room lamps better

These lamps were purchased from a thrift store when we first started blogging, and I added a little spray paint to them.  This summer I was tired of the look and decided to refresh the lamps.  I sprayed them white, bought a different style lamp shade at Target, and added some ribbon around the top.  Voila!  There’s a new look for the lamps.



Dough Bowl

Lemons in a small dough bowl are the perfect cheery addition to a room.



Living Room Platter Wall

Still one of my favorite parts of the room is our platter wall that slowly I am adding more platters to.  I love the idea of using silver trays as art.



Living room animal

This guy I just liked and traded him out for a bicycle that was hanging.  Change is good.



Living Room

I hope you enjoyed the small updates I made in the living room.  Gracie is a fan.  We have to turn our thoughts to our new living room in the new house in our new town.  I would like to have a leather chesterfield sofa.  Time will tell.  First, we have to get a house.



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  1. Donnamae says

    Everything looks so fresh! Didn’t realize you were moving…must’ve missed that post. Good luck! 😉