My New Old Kitchen Rug

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I purchased a rug from an Everything But The House auction that they were conducting at Haven, the annual bloggers’ conference in Atlanta.  Since probably thousands of footsteps had been imprinted on the rug before and during the conference, I immediately dropped it off at a local rug cleaner before bringing it home.  I have been just itching to get my fingers on it, and today was the day.

 Antique Turkish Rug

I was going through a Diane Keaton phase this past spring and purchased a rug for the kitchen that would fit right into her home on “Something’s Gotta Give”.  Well, I’m the one who gave in and decided that the rug just didn’t fit in with the vibe going on in our kitchen, especially after this, this, and this change.  (Stay tuned to see the rest of the changes).


 Antique Turkish rug

When I saw this rug of Turkish origins, I knew it was THE ONE.  I have been looking for a rug just like it for the past year and gave a little squeal when I saw it.  I decided how much I was willing to spend and put that into the online auction as my maximum bid.  The EBTH staff and I watched the clock tick down as the auction ended, and the rug was mine.  And get this, just like our kitchen tweaks, it came in under budget.  Was that meant to be or what?


 Antique Turkish rug

My 88 year-old-mother is spending a few days visiting me while Mr. Right is away, and she helped me move things out, get the rug settled in, and put everything back.


 Antique Turkish Rug

I am thrilled with the way it looks.  A glare coming in through the French doors put some kinks into the photo quality, but I couldn’t wait another day to share this new purchase with you.


 Kitchen rug

As for the old rug…..I am going to give it a test drive in some rooms around here.  If it doesn’t work in any of them, then it is up for grabs to my offspring and their spouses.  They are all in the process of setting up new homes.


 Antique Turkish Rug

Now my mom and I are about to make a really good dish for dinner that we will be sharing on here tomorrow.  See you then.



Take care.


  1. says

    Congratulations — it’ a great rug! Patterns are ‘in’, + I’m kind of patternphobic, so a good rug like yours is just the ticket!

  2. Kelly says

    The rug is very pretty, but I just adore the cow picture!! If I may ask, where did you find her at?

  3. Nancy DePew says

    I was about to say the very same thing as Kelly….I absolutely love the cow picture!
    It makes me smile every time I see it!
    Take care.