An Update in the Pantry

I mentioned last week that the hutch top that was once in the kitchen was moved to the pantry when we did our kitchen tweaks.  Our pantry is such a blessing.  It serves as my bake station, food storage area, the home of my Hall’s teapot collection, hiding place for the microwave, pot and pan storage, and my office.  It is the most versatile room in our house, and since I blog in there, it’s where I spend a lot of my time.  Is it magazine worthy?  Probably not, but it gets the job done.  So, with an update in the pantry, this well-loved/well-used room is better.

Red pantry door

There are many things I love about the pantry, and this red door, which I painted just a few months ago, is one of them.  Jordan made the pantry sign for me.



Carpenter Greg removed the contemporary cabinets that were in here and replaced it with the hutch top.  We removed the glass doors that had been on it and put them in another part of the kitchen, which I will show you another day.  I could cover the glass on the doors to hide the grocery storage, but I kind of like the colors peaking through.  The open shelves in the middle are perfect for showing off some of my ironstone and blue and white dishes that have been hidden in drawers.



pantry shelves

Carpenter Greg also added another shelf for the Hall’s teapots that had been in the hutch top.  I love all of the colors.  The red chair there is sitting at the office portion of my pantry, and that’s where I’m sitting right now.  To get a better look at the area, go here.



bread box from mail box

I moved the mailbox turned bread box to the pantry from the kitchen.  My mother painted it.


cannisters from crocks

I have used these crocks as canisters ever since we were newlyweds.  They are the best for holding my baking supplies.  Having a baking station in the pantry keeps the mess out of the kitchen.  All of my pans, mixers, and baking supplies are in here as well as a sink.  It was one of the smartest things we did when we remodeled.  After I mix a batch of something, I just carry it to the oven in the kitchen to bake.


pantry dishes

Do you see that blue and white platter? I bargained with a nomad in Mongolia for it.  We were staying there for a few nights in one of her yurts, and she served us some rice on it.  I told our interpreter that I would give her $5.00 for it, and she accepted.  I know she was as happy to get that money as I was to get her platter.


ironstone dishes

There’s another one of my grandmother’s flow blue plates.  You saw the others in this post.  My mom bought most of the ironstone for me.



mixing bowls

pantry dishes

blue and white plates

I love stacking these blue plates in a basket.  They make me smile.


pantry before

This is the before shot.  It was flat.  If you are wondering about food storage, we eat mostly fresh foods which means I don’t need a lot of cabinets for storing canned and boxed goods.  I still have plenty of cabinet space underneath if needed.




We have just one more kitchen update to show you.  Thanks for stopping in.

Take care.


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    All those colors with white = Beautiful! Cheerful! etc! I, too, love the plates in the basket. If I con’t hang my blue + white plates on the wall, into a basket they’ll go!