Key Measurements for Home Decor

Do you remember how much fun it was to play with Barbie and her dream house?  Well, that has been me all day long, except I’m not playing with Barbie.  I am putting the finished kitchen and pantry back in order since all of the tweaks are finished, and I am having a blast!  Carpenter Greg stopped by this morning to do the final touches.  It’s amazing how much cozier the heart of our home is now.  I can’t wait to show you, but that is not going to happen today.  You will have to wait till it’s ready.  When we were at Haven this past week-end, Everything But The House passed out a book mark that had the standard measurements that are important in our home decorating.  We thought you might like to know these key measurements.   There are actually rules to follow for all furniture and art placement.



ART – Your art should hang at eye level with the center point about 57 inches from the floor.



House Tour - The 2 Seasons

LIGHTING – Light fixtures should be 30 to 34 inches above your table for unobstructed dining.  (I think Jordan’s light might be a little too high here.  Oops!)



Dining Room Table

DINING ROOM – Allow 36 inches between the dining table and the walls.


 Guest room

NIGHTSTANDS – Aim for the same height as your mattress or a few inches higher.



House Tour-The 2 Seasons

LIVING ROOM – Allow 30 inches to 36 inches between furniture pieces for good flow.


 House Tour - The 2 Seasons

COFFEE TABLE – Leave 15 inches to 16 inches between the table edge and the sofa for leg room.  (That also applies to coffee tables that you find on the street and turn into a cool game table).


Great room

AREA RUGS – in large rooms leave 12 to 18 inches clear to the wall.  (Seven to 12 inches are needed in smaller rooms.



Key Measurements

This information is good sound advice that is nice to know.  Is it okay to break the rules?  I always have said you can break the rules if you know the rules.  That means you are choosing to break them rather doing it out of a lack of knowledge.  There’s a difference.  Don’t forget to pin this information for your and your followers’ future use.


Take care.