Another Look for the Nesting Tables

We have a set of three nesting tables that my mother-in-law gave us the year we were married.  They had belonged to her sister.  We used them and used them until we really didn’t need them anymore, and I gave them back to her.  But when we moved to our townhouse, I realized that their small size and the fact that there were three of them would come in handy.  I asked to have them back.  Since she had no need for them, she was happy to return them to us.


Faux Table Top

These tables are really versatile, and they have had several looks.  One was called the “faux mo” look when I put scrapbook paper that resembled mosaic tile under the glass.



Passport table

Another of the looks was when I used a scrapbook paper insert that resembled a passport vignette.  With all of the traveling we do, this look worked.



Stacking tables

Then I smartened up and gave the tables a lighter and distressed look with chalk paint in an off-white.  I sanded them down and added some dark wax.



Stacking tables

Their latest look is achieved with a new paper that is a neutral pattern and color.  I used paper left over from this project.



Stacking tables

If you ever get a chance to buy some nesting or stacking tables, do it.  They come in so handy for entertaining.  Just pull them apart and place them wherever someone is sitting.  They can place their drink or snack on the table, and then when they leave,  just put the tables back together and tuck them away.




Stacking tables

 Do you have any special pieces of furniture that help make your home run more smoothly?


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