A New Chair for the Master Bedroom

Last Saturday I stopped by one of my favorite antique stores here in Lexington.  It’s Thoroughbred Antique Gallery, and it’s just a few blocks from my house.  I am happy to say that I scored big time on an adorable chair that was a total impulse buy.  It might even have been a stupid buy since I just took two chairs to the consignment shop for resale.  Whatever…..I am happy that it found me.

Rattan chair

I love everything about this chair.  First off, I think the double cushions are adorable.  They are covered in a Ralph Lauren fabric that just happens to be stripes.  If you looked around my house and at my wardrobe, you would figure out pretty quickly that I have a crush on every stripe that has ever been invented.



Rattan chair

I am also crazy about the bamboo-like arms and legs.



Rattan chair

What’s not to love about the texture of this woven goodness?  The only thing I had to do to the chair was rub a little stain onto some places where the finish was worn off.




Finally, the colors go perfectly with the crazy little painting I did a few months ago.


Some of you have asked about Mr. Right, who is riding his bicycle across Canada this summer.  He has crossed the Cascade mountains and the Rocky mountains and will arrive in Calgary today for a much-needed rest day.  He had to get an emergency root canal last week but afterward pedaled the final 25 miles of the day to get to his destination.


Thanks so much for stopping in.  We will see you tomorrow.



Take care.


  1. Wendy Johnson says

    Glad Mr R is okay. Your new chair is very nice but I really like your painting!