A Cute Way to Eliminate Bottled Water

I hate bottled water……a lot.  I don’t like drinking it, and I don’t like what the bottles do to the environment.  Plus, I never understand why people add regular ice to bottled water.  Doesn’t that negate the effects of drinking fresh spring water?  Do I use bottled water?  Yes, sometimes it’s a necessity like when we are traveling in a third world country, but I really try to avoid it in my own home.  That being said, I want to have water in the guest rooms when we have overnight company, and we are expecting our son to be our guest from his home in DC tonight, and Jordan will be arriving tomorrow for a five day stay.

Bottled Water

Before we moved in, we installed a water purification system that removes the unwanted elements from our local water supply.  So, it would be really silly for me to buy bottled water for our guests.  Instead, I pour our purified water into some of the antique canning  jars that we have.


 Bottled water

And that little step makes everyone happy, and plus, it’s so darned cute.  I keep a rotation in the fridge so that when one jar is empty, there’s another one nice and cold and ready to drink.  It’s a great way to be a good hostess and help the environment at the same time.


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  1. Joan harrison says

    Just wanted to say how I love your site. I am new but have already learned so much. Thank you both for sharing your knowledge with me