Updating an Old Dresser Without Paint

Do you have an old piece of furniture that you just can’t paint because of sentimental reasons?  Or maybe you just don’t want to make a commitment to paint?  I have one left over from my childhood, and I just can’t bring myself to paint it.  Today I have a way of updating an old dresser without paint, and I think you will like it.


How to update a dresser without paint

The furniture in question is an Ethan Allen dresser that we use in our bedroom.  A while back I decided to change the pulls, and that small step helped give it an updated look. In case you forgot, here is the before.



New Pulls for dresser

Here is the in-between.  There is nothing wrong with the dresser, but the look was too traditional for my tastes these days.  Even though I switched out the pulls and bought these new ones., the old mirror was still attached and looking a little granny.



How to update a dresser without paint

While shopping at Home Goods, I found a new mirror that would be perfect for the bedroom and help give it the vibe I have been looking for.  It was less than $30.  The mirror is more sleek and not as traditional as the original.



How to update a dresser without paint

Now I feel the look is complete at last.




I had to share the beautiful hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s.  I am loving that we now have that store in town.



How to update a dresser without paint

How to update a dresser without paint


How to update a dresser without paint

It’s amazing what these two changes did to bring a younger look and feel to the room, and I didn’t even have to paint.




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      • Gloria says

        Thanks Jordan. My daughter just inherited her grandparents Ethan Allen bedroom furniture complete with 4 poster bed. This up date is perfect. Thanks for posting and sharing.

  1. Dana says

    i my gosh, I have an Ethan Allen dresser just like that from grandma. It’s too nice and high quality to paint. I wanted to change the pulls. I love those you picked out. Thank you!

    • says


      I was feeling the exact same way about not painting this dresser. I love the updated look it looks classic yet modern.