DIY Lavender Soap Recipe

When I was a little girl, I had a grandma we called “Grandma Out the Road” because we had to drive a few miles in the country to get to her house.  Makes sense – right?  One of the many things Grandma could do was make soap as in real soap with lye.  I remember seeing her stir her soap concoction and being fascinated that soap didn’t always have to come from a store.  My whole life I have wanted to make my own soap but didn’t want to deal with lye.  I thought it would be one big mess. In the past, I did some research to find a DIY lavender soap recipe and found out it is really easy.

Lavender Soap


And then last week, I was gifted some lavender on two separate occassions.  My mother gave me a bunch from her garden, and the favors at a fashion show I attended were lavender.  I took it as a sign and decided to get to work!



lavender soap

I did a little research and learned that all I needed were a block of glycerin/goats milk soap from here, oil of lavender, which I already had, and lavender blossoms.  I simply cut the block of lavender into small pieces, and microwaved it at 20 second intervals until it was melted.  (The directions were on the package.)  Then I stirred in some oil of lavender and lavender blossoms.  I just guessed on how much of each to add.




lavender soap

Molds are available for purchase, but I wanted my soap to look rustic.  So, I poured the liquid into a cake pan that I had lined with waxed paper.  The directions said to allow it to harden for about an hour.  Then I simply cut out rectangular blocks of the what had become lavender soap.  It was so easy that I actually feel guilty saying I made it.  It was more like assembling something that someone else had done the work on.


lavender soap

Never the less, I am enjoying the wonderful aromas coming from the various sink areas in our home where I have put it.  It makes my hands feel so soft and smell so good.  I can hardly wait for the rosemary in my herb garden to grow because I already have plans to make some rosemary soap.  Lavender is my favorite fragrance, and I have also used it to make these shortbread cookies and this lavender linen water.


How about you?  Have you ever made soap or thought about making it?


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