Bedazzled Books

I have three books on my night stand that are just there for looks and as a base for either fresh flowers or small plants.  Frankly, they were tired.  They weren’t looking tired – they were tired.  It could be because two of the books are very old.  One belonged to my great-grandfather, and one was my late grandmother’s school book.


Bedazzled books, before


You can see why they just weren’t doing it for me anymore.




So, I went to the craft store and bought this wrapping paper to give them a cohesive look.




Then I decided to add a little more somethin’, somethin’ to them.  I pulled out some old jewelry to add some sparkle to the neutral paper.



Bedazzled books

I got the idea at Haven last year when I saw these books in a Ballard Design display.  Since I didn’t have the wax, I decided to go with jewelry instead.




This is just a simple little project that anyone can do to add some interest to old books.  It took just minutes to wrap the paper around the books.  I took the back off of the earring and glued them on, and the fringe was leftover from a pillow I made last week.




This looks so much better, don’t you think?  You can read about the red sketch here.



Bedazzled Books

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