A New Look in the Upstairs Hall

I sometimes ask myself, “What is art?” or “Is it art?”  Usually I have these thoughts and questions after looking at some paint on a canvas and finding out it sold at Sotheby’s for fifty million dollars or more.  Since I have been taking art class, this question comes up a lot.  Another popular question I ask myself is, “Is it finished?”  Usually my art teacher has to answer that one.  She’ll urge me to, “STOP!!!!” when I’m about to put one or ten more strokes on a piece.  I love the look of contemporary art in a traditional room, and Traditional Home magazine has taught me that it is perfectly okay to mix the two.  I think a pop of modern really ups the interest of a “by the book” room.

Modern art

You might remember seeing this painting before.  I used this method when I did it two years ago.  It has been hanging in our great room, but when I hung the new art that I wrote about yesterday, this piece had to find a new home.  I moved it to the upstairs hallway, and it sure made a difference in the way that space looks.



Modern art


Did you notice that instead of hanging it vertically, I decided this time to hang it horizontally?  The switch completely changes the way the colors look, and I like that A. LOT!!!  You can’t tell from the photo that it meaures 36 x 40 inches.



DIY Modern Art

It has so much movement and depth because of the bold primary colors that I used.  So, what do you think?  Is it art?



Take care.


  1. Cindi says

    I love this look. Is the painting framed in any way or is it just the canvas hanging on the wall?


    • says

      Cindi, the painting is not framed. I took it to a framer, and that’s when we discovered the canvas is warped. Now I know to make sure canvases are nice and flat and straight before I buy them.

  2. says

    Very cool! You should be so proud that you are creating your own art.

    I’d love for you to come by and visit. I’m featuring a very talented new blogger. 🙂