Spring in the Sunroom

The weather has made it finally possible for us to start enjoying our sunroom.  As you know, it wears crisp plaids in the winter, but spring, summer, and autumn find it decked out in its warm weather look.  This year I decided to rearrange the furniture, and that decision has made a huge difference in making the tiny area feel larger.


 Spring in the Sunroom3

Two sets of French doors go into the room, and so I decided to move the antique wicker sofa in front of the kitchen French doors (on the left in the photo.)  I can still leave the door open for fresh air, but now we will just have to enter the room from the eating area of the great room.  I’m taking this photo inside that set of doors.  The new arrangement means I need to move the mirror on the brick wall to the right some, but that involves drilling a hole into the brick which is beyond my skill set.



Spring in the sunroom


This room is made up mostly of antiques, and I love every. single. one. of. them.  The old wicker sofa was the first purchase I ever made at an estate auction as a newlywed.  We purchased the trunk for $5.00 when we were newly married, and Mr. Right had it refurbished for me a few years ago as a surprise.  I bought the bench at my grandfather’s farm auction after he died.  It was $6.00 and is loaded with character.  The rug was in our kitchen before I purchased this new one.



Spring in the sunroom


I love unusual file cabinets and bought this one at a monthly antique sale that used to take place in a tobacco warehouse here in Lexington.  That warehouse is now gone and new apartments for UK students took its place.  This cabinet was almost ruined when the basement in our last house flooded one time, but we were able to save it.  The top is in bad condition, and so I had a mirror cut to the size of it to cover the marks and madness.  The wicker chair is one of the few things in the room that is not old.  The yellow pail is an old French mop bucket.  When there is lots of rain, like the downpour we had this past week-end, water oozes in under the frame because the brick is uneven.  That explains why the rug is folded back like that.  The last rug died after a major rain.




Old French park chair

I have two of these old French park chairs and LOVE them.   Since I only need to use it when we have guests, I just decided to hang it on the brick wall on an existing nail.  I love the way it looks there.  It’s a perfect size for the space.


French park chair


I just used a heavy piece of ribbon that came on a Christmas gift basket last year.  It’s just the right color and size.



spring in the sunroom

 This cute bamboo shelf came from Scott’s in Atlanta.  It is the perfect size for this space.  It tends to dry out in the heat, so, I rub it down with lemon oil occasionally.




Spring in the sunroo1


The room is loaded with different colors and things to look at.  I bought the wooden shoes while on a biking trip in the Netherlands.  The crock came from an auction, and the old brick door stop/turned magazine weight was made from a brick that came from my husband’s high school.


Spring in the Sunroom2

The tin man is on a very heavy wall mirror that I won at a silent auction.



I hope you all enjoyed seeing our improved sunroom.  It’s the space where I spend my mornings eating breakfast, reading blogs, etc. and my evenings chilling out.  I also love to hang out there when Mr. Right has the air conditioning blasting on the indoors.  Brrrr…..


Thanks for stopping by.  We have lots of fun posts planned for the week, so we hope you will stop back in.


Take care.


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  1. Pondsidehouse says

    I like your sunroom very much – especially because it is full of iea that have special meaning for you and your husband.

  2. says

    Your sunroom is so very beautiful Janette…I would be sitting there enjoying all of the fabulous antiques in the room..and love that very sentimental brick…Enjoy the beautiful days of Spring in that beautiful room!