Packing Tips for Easy Travel

I hope you all are having a good week.  I have finally gotten caught up on everything now that I am back from our amazing trip to Colombia and the Galapagos Islands.  Right before leaving for the airport, I posted this picture on my personal Facebook page, and it brought lots of comments.  (By the way, Gracie didn’t go with me!!!)




Packing Tips

I said, “16 days – one carry on. I finally figured out traveling light.”  There were many questions wanting to know my tips, so I thought I would share.  First of all, after losing my luggage for over two days once while traveling internationally, I have never checked luggage again.  When I travel in the US,  I use a small roller bag that will fit in an overhead compartment easily.  For international travel, I found that a backpack is easier for me to manage on plains, trains and automobiles.



Great Travel Shoes

When I travel, I like to bring two pairs of shoes.  The ones I am wearing and then another pair I put at the bottom of my backpack.  Sometimes I’ll throw in a pair of flip flops, as well, depending where I am going.  I like these Keen shoes because they are comfortable for walking and do not take up much room.





Another style that is cute, comfortable and do not take up much room are these Toms.


Travel tips, roll clothes

While I love clothes and accessories, I do my best to pack smart.  I like packing cute breathable clothes that are easy to wash and dry.  I even take a dress or two.  I do not have a different outfit for everyday, and  I do my share of laundry on the road.  With the clothes I do pack, rolling is key.  I roll all of my clothes, and they fit perfectly in my backpack. Roll clothes for your next trip, and you will be surprised how much you can get into your suitcase.



Zoe Lariat


 I do love jewelry, but since I limit my clothes, I also limit my jewelry. I love traveling with this versatile Zoe lariat.  I can wear it multiple ways, long short and even as a wrap bracelet.



Eagle Creek Pack-It Half Cube

I have the shoes, clothes and then I throw in these amazing  packing cubes by Eagle Creek.   I have used these packing cubes for years, and they really keep me organized.  They come in a variety of sizes, and I have two cubes that fit perfectly in my backpack on top of my clothes.  I put things like  chargers, makeup, snacks, etc.  in the cubes.  These cubes can hold all those extras I like to travel with.  Putting things in the cubes helps to conserve space in my bag, and they also keep things organized.  I know exactly where everything is.


Hanging KitThe next thing that fits right on top with easy access is a hanging toiletry kit.  Since I do not check luggage, I bring everything in bottles that hold less than three ounces.  Occasionally, I have run out but am always able to go to a store and buy what I need.  It is usually sunscreen, which I have never had a hard time finding.



I even travel with a Nalgene bottle that fits nicely on the side.  I am a water gal, and I love having water on hand at all times.  In some countries the water is not drinkable, so I have  a steri pen on hand to clean the water so it will be okay.  It’s such a hassle to always be worried about buying bottled water, and the steri pen works great.


I hope you enjoy these packing tips.  If you would like to see some more of our travel secrets, go here.  Do you have any tips to share?




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  1. says

    Great tips…I packed one carry on bag when I went to France…I loved using the packing cubes..they are amazing…and doesn’t it seem that the pets know what is happening as soon as they see the luggage…

  2. says

    Thanks for the tips. I definitely agree with having a steri pen. Those can be a life saver if you cannot find clean water to drink. I always carry that with me on long trip overseas.

  3. JA says

    I am on the hunt for the “perfect” backpack for travel. Can you tell me what brand of backpack you prefer for your trips?