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Hi everyone.  When we think about London, England, we often think about the dreary, foggy, rainy weather.  Because of that dreariness factor, the people who live there and own homes and townhomes do their best to bring color to their worlds.  When we were strolling around London on our last trip there, I snapped some photos of their quests for color.  They have great ideas for front doors and window boxes.


 Front Door


London color

Even though there are no bright flowers on this stoop, I love the green shrubs in the planters and how they add just the right pop of color to all of the black.  I have to say this is one of my favorites, and it would stay fresh year round.  Also, I am crazy about that black and white floor, but I do ask myself where they wipe their feet!!!




London color

I love these school bus yellow doors but think some greenery would big a great addition.




London color


This second floor townhouse has great curb appeal even though it’s not eye level.




London color

There are businesses in London that plant window boxes and then tend and water them.  Our friends travel a lot, and so, they never have to worry about if their boxes will dry out.  The girl who plants them will take care of all of that.  I met her and am proud to say that I introduced her to Pinterest.  I bet she is now getting American Pinterest ideas for the London window boxes she tends.




Since we live in a townhouse, I love seeing how other people add color to theirs.  Unfortunately, the historic area that we live in must have approval on all door colors and additions/deletions to our exterior.  Also, the five townhouses we are attached to must have a cohesive look.  That part of the clause sure does dampen my creative spark.  We can do whatever we want to planters, though.



London color

This window boxed really caught my eye not because of the color but the lack of it.  The textures say it all.



London color

 Even though there is plenty of soil here for plants and color, pots are used instead.  One of the great things about planting in pots is that they can be moved to change up the look.



London townhouses

Now, for those who live here in Kensington Palace (here’s lookin’ at you William and Kate),  you never have to think about how to add color to your world.  Just the gold on those gates alone would do the trick, but their gardens are beautiful, thanks to their staff.


What do you (and your staff) have planned to add color to your world this year?  Thanks for stopping in.




Take care.


  1. kathy says

    Fun post! I love seeing pretty doors and how people decorate their flower boxes. I always put red geraniums and ivy in my flower box. Last year a friend, who has the prettiest flower boxes around, shared a little secret with me. She buys these little purple fake flowers from Michael’s and adds them to her flower boxes which are full of real flowers. I never would have known. She bought some for me and I added them to my flower box and they looked beautiful. (I know, it sounds a little bit like cheating but no one knew and for some reason it is hard to get purple flowers that will survive where we live.) We had our daughter’s wedding reception at our house and I thought the flower box looked awesome.