Five Great Organizational Tips

 Organization Tips 2

Since we have been writing this blog (and having a great time with it) for over four years, we have shared a lot of tips with you.  We love tips, and we use them all of the time.  And we have to admit, that sometimes we have been surprised by how popular one of them becomes.  On the other hand, we have shared some that we thought/hoped would go viral, and they were just flat.  That being said, we wanted to revisit some of the favorites – both yours and ours.  Today we are revisiting our best organization tips ever.  It’s one of our favorite things to do, and we are always excited to learn  a new way to make our lives a little easier.  Hopefully, you’ll find something here that will work for you.

 Over the Door Storage

We have just one full bath, and the space for storage in there is very limited.  In fact, it is non-existent.  So, in order to keep our towels out of the way yet easy to get to, we built a shelf in the unused space over the door.  It has been an invaluable addition to keeping our bathroom organized.  By the way, this tip/blog post is one of our most popular posts ever.  It’s about to be featured in a major magazine.


 Vinyl Flooring

This tip that aids organizing is one my mom thought would be a winner.  While it was well-received, it didn’t take off like we wanted it to.  Needless to say, using vinyl flooring as shelf liners is a great tip that makes those organized drawers, shelves, and cabinets even better.  It is so much thriftier than using regular shelf liner.



Color-coded laundry baskets


We have shared two organization tips for sorting laundry.  Check them out here and here.  We love both methods.



 Remote Control Holder

Are you always searching for your television remote?  Well, this tip will keep it in its place always.



Scarf Storage

Scarves are such wonderful accessories to change up our wardrobes.  But what good is it to have a bunch of stylish scarves if we can’t find the one we want?  My mom came up with a great system to keep her scarves organized and wrinkle-free.  Check it out here.


Thanks so much for stopping in.  We hope you found at least one idea to make your home even more organized.  Feel free to pin our ideas for your friends and followers to see.


Note to our subscribers – We are sorry if you are seeing this post for the second time.  We had a problem with scheduling.  Please forgive.