Changes in the Kitchen

When we remodeled our townhouse before moving in almost four years ago, my intention was to make the traditional eating area of the kitchen into a sitting area for me.  I had planned to use a love seat that I love along with some side chairs and make it my own cozy space.  You probably notice that I am speaking in the past tense because what I planned to do didn’t happen, and the space became the eat-in section of our kitchen.


Recently, I moved my big cow painting (read about it here) from overlooking the kitchen table to overlooking the peninsula.  When I made that switch, I decided that maybe a few more tweaks were in order.  It has been sort of a domino effect and is still in the works.



Kitchen - The 2 Seasons

First off, I have been thinking that the area was looking a little too country.  Not that there is anything wrong with that because I am a former country girl and am all about country.  But, it was outdated country – not cool country – or farmhouse as it is known today.  So, I put my brain in action and started making some plans that didn’t seem too frivolous.



 Sun room - The 2 Seasons

I bought a new rug, which I will show you on another day, and will be moving the red rag rug to the sun room when I prep it for spring and summer.  The red rug might fade since the sun room lives up to its name, but the old rug that was in there died after too much water got on it after a big rain storm or two last summer.



Windsor bench


Next, I moved the navy bench from behind the table and bought a Windor style bench on Craig’s list.  I felt as if the blue bench looked too much like an overgrown toy chest.  I absolutely loved the color that I painted it last summer though.  We moved it to our basement because it will be our future grandchild’s (grandchildren???) play area when he/she visits us.



bar stool


I chose Paris Grey because I wanted them to be the same color as the Windsor bar stools that I bought on Craig’s list last summer and painted.



Kitchen Reveal-The 2 Seasons

Since our peninsula is gray with a white glaze, I wanted the stools to blend with it.  I didn’t want them to be white like the chairs at the table.   Now I have started second guessing the Paris grey.  It seems to really blend in with the wall, but since I’m going for a more serene look, maybe that’s a good thing.


 Windsor bench

  Should I leave the new to me Windsor bench painted in the Annie Sloan Paris Grey, or should I repaint it the blue that was on the previous bench?  That’s what I keep asking myself.  Maybe you can help me solve this little debate that I’m having with myself.



Bench side by side 2

Here’s a side by side with the previous blue color.  What do you think?  Stick with the grey or repaint it so it is blue?  I guess I should tell you that the new rug is a light blue and cream stripe.



Since hearing Diane Keaton speak a few weeks ago, I have been checking out some of her movies, and this famous set is serving as my inspiration.  I love the calm neutrality of it with just the hints of  soft blue here and there along with the bold art work over the fireplace.  I need to keep the serene calmness of this room in my focus.


Any suggestions would be most appreciated.  Here’s thanking you in advance.  Thanks for stopping by.

Take care.


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“Something’s Gotta Give” photo from Google.


  1. Sandy says

    I really like the changes you are making in the kitchen eat-in area. Given your attraction to the set in Something’s Gotta Give, my vote would be the soft grey color on the bench. If you do the blue, it will be too bold for what you want to achieve. Good luck with the project.

    BTW, I love your blog. The two of you are so interesting and your projects are “real life” and very relevant to my life and interests.

    Thank you!

  2. says

    I would paint the chairs and bench the same in a darker gray similar to your sink cabinet. The pillows then give the brighter colors and to me that is a calmer look.

  3. says

    This probably won’t jive with your inspiration photo, but I think your bench and chairs would look really great painted in those bright colors like the ones in that square pillow! But then, I like lots of color everywhere, and it may not be your thing. What I really love is your cow painting! That would put me in a good mood every time I walked in your kitchen.

    • says

      I can tell, Ellen, by your blog name that you like color!!! The pillows are always changing, so I don’t think I could go with those bright colors all of the time. However, the background color on that square pillow is navy like the previous bench!!!

  4. Fran says

    The grey bench needs a punch of color. Either a darker grey blue or another color for a splash of the unexpected pulled from some of your kitchen, eating room wall art.

  5. Jen Y says

    Personally, I like the Paris grey best. You are probably missing the color & I think you should give it a little more time. Once you lay your new rug, then give it a few weeks & if it still doesn’t look right you then change it. I do think the blue would be just as beautiful as well – I’m just liking the more toned down colors at the moment.