Ten of Our Favorite Travel Accessories

Ten Travel essentials

With spring break right around the corner and plans for summer trips in the works, many of us have travel on our minds.  Mom and I have done our share of traveling, and we both have some items that we can’t imagine a trip without.  Check out our ten favorite travel accessories.  Sometimes we think they are travel essentials.  Maybe you can find something here that will make your next trip more enjoyable.  This is not a sponsored post but just things we love and wanted to share.

Jordan’s Favorites


My travel favorites are related to overnight air travel which I often end up doing.  These little comforts help make a red-eye flight not so bad after all.



Travel Pillow

Okay, don’t let this picture stop you.  This is the most amazing travel pillow.  Yankee purchased one for his red-eye trips, and I borrowed it before getting my own.  I wish I had this earlier in my travels.  I am a side sleeper, and this pillow is designed for side sleepers sitting upright.  While it does look ridiculous, I arrive rested and ready to go.  The bonus is that it inflates for the flight, and I deflate it and pack it away when I’m using it.


Travel Blanket

You have the pillow, and next up is your own travel blanket.  Yes you get a little airplane blanket on some flights, but I like bringing my own.  This one covers the shoulders and even has a handy pocket.  When you land, it  folds up nicely into a little case that hooks on the outside of your carry-on luggage.


Travel Eyemask

You now realize I could care less how I look on a flight when I am trying to get some shut eye.  This eye mask is so comfortable and amazing.  It has some tempur-pedic cushioning under the eyes, and you will not see the slightest ray of light.  I sleep with an eye mask anyway, but once I discovered this one, I can never go back to the flat mask.



Travel Headphones


My mom has some favorite headphones for her, but these noise canceling headphones were more budget friendly for me.  I never understoon why people wore them until I used Yankee’s noise canceling headphones on a business trip.  I was sold.  These are great to just cancel out that loud plane noise, and yet they are so small they do not take up much room at all in your purse.



Janette’s Favorites



No matter if we are away for a long week-end or a month, I don’t want to take any more luggage than a carry-on and a backpack.  That means I often need to wash items in my hotel room’s sink.  The Purex laundry sheets are perfect to pack because there’s no liquid to spill. I cut each sheet into halves or thirds before we leave, put them in a zip lock bag, and they are ready when I need them.  If I want to do some laundry in a washing machine, I’ll toss in two halves, and it’s equals a full sheet that even includes fabric softener.



One of the most important features of any piece of luggage or backpack is the zipper.  It needs to be as strong as you can find.  Because of that, the only travel backpack I will use is a plain black one from LL Bean.  That might sound very middle school of me, but it is guaranteed for life, holds a ton of stuff, and is reliable.  I always use a Sharpie to mark out their name, and I would never get it monogrammed.  We do a lot of traveling in third world countries, and I do my best to blend in.  A flaming red monogrammed suitcase screams tourist.


Travel Headphones Bose

With so much background noise on a plain, I swear by these noise-cancelling Bose headphones.  They are pricey but worth every penny.  Mr. Right loves his, too.




Face Cloths

I couldn’t imagine traveling without these Oil of Olay face cloths.  They eliminate the need for carrying a liquid bottle of face wash, and in a pinch one can be used as a wash cloth.



The World

My son-in-law shared this Lonely Planet book, The World, with me, and I loved it.  It devotes a few pages and highlights of the important sites and stops in most of the world’s countries and territories.  It’s like a Cliff Notes for travelers.  When I need more info on a country we are about to visit, I then order a book about just it.



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We couldn’t dare publish this blog post today without telling everyone who will listen that my father/Jordan’s grandfather is observing his 92nd birthday today.  He is full of energy and is as sharp as a tack.  He is a lover of people and animals, never met a stranger, and is as honest, dependable, caring, and giving as any person you would ever want to meet.  He was shot three times on three different occasions by the Germans in WWII.  The nurses and doctors bandaged him up, he healed in the hospitals, and then went back out to the front line.  And if that wasn’t enough, he then served in the Korean War.  If needed, he would suit up and do it all over again.  I promise you that if every man in this world was like my dad, then we would not have any problems at all.  So, Daddy, Happy Birthday from all of us.


Cheers and Take Care!!!


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    Happy birthday to your father/grandfather and a BIG THANK YOU for his service to our nation! What a great post girls! Some wonderful ideas for travelers. I am a big comfort girl, so these will be on my list to buy for my nest trip!!! LOVE those washing sheets! Who knew?
    Will I see you at Haven? Hope so!

  2. Donnamae says

    I have never seen washing sheets…but then I never knew they even existed! Great idea! And Happy Birthday greetings to your father/grandfather! 😉

  3. Debbie says

    Happy Birthday to your father/grandfather and what a service he has done for all of us. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. mary crain says

    These are great travel products. Looks like I have a bit of shopping to do! Happy birthday to father/grandfather. His character shows in the picture – he looks great!!!