“Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty” – Giveaway

 Since I live all the way up here in central New York, I didn’t get a chance to hear Diane Keaton speak when my mom and her friends went to the Nashville Antiques and Garden show.  However, that doesn’t stop me from getting the chance to tell you about our giveaway.  My mom’s friend is the vice-president of Clarkson-Potter, a division of Random House publishers.  She arranged to get us a copy of Diane’s latest book Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty to give to one of our lucky readers.

Diane Keaton


Anyway, all you need to do is either leave a comment telling us your favorite Diane Keaton movie (subscribers, you will need to go to our website to do this), follow us on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter.  If you already follow us, then just tell us in the comments.  And by the way, my favorite Diane Keaton movie is “Father of the Bride.”  The giveaway ends Friday at midnight.  Rafflecopter will select the winner.  Good luck!!!

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Diane Keatons’ photo from Google.

Random House provided the book.

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  1. Beth D says

    Somethings gotta give is where I’m at in life! Hopefully, my husband will someday be “Father of the Bride”

  2. Patty says

    I loved Father of the Bride – one and two. I also loved First Wives Club. I subscribe to your blog and look forward to all the new ideas I get.

  3. Susan says

    I have been following you on Facebook for quite some time. My favorite Diane Keaton movie is a toss-up, between: Father of the Bride 2 and Something’s Gotta Give.

  4. gail griggs says

    First saw Keaton in ANNIE HALL and loved it. I think I have seen all her movies since then, Especially loved FATHER OF THE BRIDE. I subscribe to your blog and look forward to it in my inbox.

  5. Cindy says

    it’s an oldie, but my absolute favorite is Baby Boom. However, I like anything she plays in. She is great.

  6. Sunny C says

    I Loved the Father of the Bride movies, both of them!!! Baby Boom was Great, also.
    Thank-You so much for a chance to win this Wonderful Book!!!

  7. Pam McFarland says

    Loved Something’s Gotta Give!! And love your blog. My daughter and I are blessed to have a close relationship like you.

  8. Kris F. says

    I love love love Diane Keaton!!! I watch Baby Boom everytime I see it on but have to say my favorite is Family Stone. She was outstanding in that!