My Time With Diane Keaton

Diane Keaton

As I mentioned on Monday, a few of my friends and I went to Nashville last Friday to attend the annual Antique and Garden Show at the Music City Center.  The true drawing card for us was the fact that Diane Keaton was the keynote speaker.  Let me just tell you all – she is cute, cute, cute.  It was hard to tell the Diane who spoke to us from the many characters she has played.  She was full of energy, slim in her pants suit and bowler hat, a little bit ditzy, and yet as sharp as a tack.  She recently published a new book called Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty, (we’re having a giveaway next week for this book), and she read excerpts to us.  At times, though, it was difficult to tell when she was reading and when she was actually talking to us.  She could transition so easily.


Train station

She told us that as soon as she arrived in Nashville the day before, she hit the antique malls.  While she was on that outing, she saw Nashville’s old train station and wants to buy it.  She mentioned that several times.  Then she took a tour of the antique show before it opened to the public.  While walking through the show, she spotted a black clock and planned to buy it.  By the time she had gotten back to it, there was a sold sign.  One of the other dealers had purchased it.  However, she knew who the dealer was and was ticked off in a cute and playful way because she knew she would be able to eventually buy it back from him – but at a much higher price.



Black clock

There were two black clocks in the show, and I’m not sure which one she was talking about.  My friends think it was this one and…..


Black clock

I think it was this one.  Which one do you think it was???


She talked about her history with houses.  She is kind of a flipper but on the high end.  She has bought and sold over 30 houses.   Right now she is in the third year of building her dream home.  However, when she went to look at a rental that she and her family would live in while building the other house, she ended up buying the rental.  It has a wonderful view overlooking the ocean in the Pacific Palisades, compared to the dream house which is walled in.  Plus, she loves her current neighbors.  She lives beside a “former Dodger” who calls her “neighbor.”  And the lady down the street brings her cookies.


Antique show

When her son was a little boy (he is now 14, and she also has a 19 year-old daughter), she asked him what kind of house he wanted to live in.  His answer was, “A house with people in it.”  She is torn because she loves both houses, and so she asked all of us in the audience to give our opinion.  Our popular response was to stay where she is.


She calls herself the “Queen of the Change Order.”  She said she cannot visualize how something will look.  So, she has the construction crew build it, and if she doesn’t like it, then they tear it out.  She said that one home she remodeled ended up being triple the original budget because she constantly changed her mind.  She added that she lost money when she had to sell that particular house during the economy’s downfall, but later said she did really well on a house that Madonna bought from her.



 Bradley Cooper

She also talked about a “Wall of Prisoners” she puts in her houses.  It is a wall where she hangs photos of good-looking actors.  She is about to add some new faces and asked our opinion:  Jimmy Fallon – we all clapped;  Dr. Oz – we sneered;  Bradley Cooper – everyone cheered and applauded loudly;  Matthew McConaughey – polite applause; and the Hemsworth brothers – we all applauded.  She calls them her prisoners because she can do whatever she wants to them, and they can’t get away.



When an audience member asked her who her favorite leading man was, she said “All of them.”  Jack Nicholson was the best kisser, and her favorite set was everyone’s favorite set – the one from “Something’s Gotta Give.”  She loves Nancy Myers and thinks she is a genius.



 Burberry House

She is on Pinterest (here) and complained that she “only” has 75,000 followers.  Bless her heart.  This is one of the houses she pinned.


 Make Work Play

As she ended her talk, which was about 45 minutes long, she gave us her best advice:  Make work play.



I loved Diane Keaton.  At 69 years old, she has the energy and vim of a 25 year-old but the experience of well…..a 69 year-old.  I think I have the solution for her.



Antique show

This little camper might be the perfect home for her.  She could move it from place to place as she changes her mind.  It was for sale at the show.



Antique show

Or perhaps this gypsy wagon would be better.  It is larger so her kids could fit in.  It also was for sale and so darned adorable.


Next week we will be showing you more photos of the show, and we will have a giveaway so that one reader can win a copy of Diane’s latest book.


What is your favorite Diane Keaton movie?  Mine is “Baby Boom.”

Take care.


The photos of Diane Keaton, Bradley Cooper, the Nashville train station, and the movie set were all found on Google.

The Burberry House is from the London Daily Mail.

I took the remaining photos at the antique show.


  1. Madeline says

    As luck would have it, I stalked two of Diane’s former houses last week. I was reading some back articles in the Orange County Register and decided to wander past two of what were reported to be her former houses in Laguna Beach located near where I walk every morning. I think she bought them as an investment. One was on a cliff above a lovely cove and the other was on a nearby street. Both were wonderful older character homes.

    • says

      Oh, Madeline, you lucky girl!!! I picture her in homes loaded with character. I bet you have a wonderful place to walk there in Laguna. I have been to Newport Beach three times. (I rode my bicycle there once from Astoria, OR)! I don’t think I have been to Laguna. Thanks so much for commenting and for reading our little blog.

  2. Donnamae says

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time! I think it was the 2nd clock as well. I didn’t realize she was a high end flipper…how fun. Favorite movie…Baby Boom and Something’s Gotta Give….there is never just one! 😉