My Replacement Rugs Have Arrived

Before Christmas I wrote about the mold that I found growing in our great room seagrass rugs.  We determined that it wasn’t really mold that was growing.  It was lichens that had grown and then dried up.  In other words, I had a tropical forest about to overtake our home.  Yes, I know…….that’s quite an exaggeration, but you can imagine how horrified I was to find out that something green was on our rugs.  The weird thing is that absolutely no one has been able to explain how this happened.

Seagrass rug mold

As I mentioned in the post, the humidity levels in our home are correct, there are no kids or dogs to drag in anything, we don’t wear our outside shoes inside, and I am a fastidious housekeeper.  Go figure……



New Seagrass Rug

You might have caught a glimpse of the new rugs in yesterday’s post.


New seagrass rug

Before we put out the new carpets, I took some precautions.  I had our Moroccan rug that we use for layering (you can see a tip of it there) professionally cleaned.  Plus, we purchased new rug pads.  I also cleaned the floors with a mild bleach and water mixture.


New Seagrass rug

This is NOT a sponsored ad, but I do want to give a shout-out to Ballard Design.  When I called them to see if anyone had complained of a similar problem, they said, “No.”  Yet, despite the fact that the warranty period had expired, they offered to replace the rugs for free and cover the cost of the shipping.  I did not even ask them to do this.



New seagrass rug


At that time I was still the horrified homeowner in the “I can’t believe this is happening” stage.



New Seagrass rug

I am really glad this little issue is behind me, and that we are starting the new year with new rugs that are problem free.  I am breathing a sigh of relief.  Whew…….


Thanks for stopping in.  Be sure to stop back tomorrow to see the table scape I created with our new dishes.


Take care.