Twelve House Spruce-ups Under $12.00

Since January is a month of renewal (often on a budget), I have come up with 12 simple ideas that can spruce up your house without breaking the bank.  Each one costs $12.00 or less.  I like to come up with these ideas as a challenge to myself to see what I can think up.  January can be a real downer for a lot of people.  The weather is grim and gray, the budgets are shot, and those jeans that were a perfect fit in November might be a little snug right now.  Well, these suggestions can brighten a room, add a little pizzazz, change things up on a budget, add a little sparkle to your day, and maybe make those extra pounds seem not so bad.  You might be able to pull off some of them just by using something you have tucked away in a drawer, closet, or bin.


Twelve House Spruce-Ups

January spruce-ups

1.  Buy a new plant.  When there is not much green going on outside of your windows, a green plant can bring some life to a room.  You could buy several small plants and make a small terrarium, buy some African violets at the grocery, or just snip off some overgrown vines on a plant you already own and put them in water to grow new roots.  If you already have plenty of houseplants, maybe they need some TLC.  Just wipe off the leaves with a damp paper towel so they can breathe easier and look better.



January spurce-ups

2.  Shine your silver.  I did this just today.  I think silver is jewelry for a room.  Think about the jewelry you wear.  It always looks best when it is clean and bright.  So does silver.  This is an easy and almost free step you can take to add some sparkle to your rooms.



January spruce-ups

3.  Buy some cute paper cocktail napkins, and use them.  I usually use just cotton napkins, but there are so many cute paper napkins that I often find myself tossing a package into my shopping cart.  I loved these because Paris is one of my favorite cities, and that city is struggling right now.


January spruce-ups

4.  Store items you use everyday in interesting containers.  This clear glass canister is perfect for the dishwasher packets I keep on the counter.



January Spruce-ups

5.  Buy a new or vintage cup and saucer for your coffee or tea.  Or better yet, if you have a pretty set stored away, start using it.  Drinking tea is a special ritual for me, and I love sipping it from a pretty cup.  During these cold winter months, there will be plenty of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate consumed.  Drink up in style.


Powder room

6.  Use a silver tray for your soaps.   I have a nice dispenser full of liquid lavender soap in our powder room along with some disposable guest towels.  I think guests would much rather use a throw-away towel during cold and flu season than a cotton one that someone else has just used.  I put the soap and towels on a small silver tray just so they fit in with the room better and look a little more special.



January spruce-ups

7.  Switch out your dish towels.  You can either buy a new or vintage dish towel for your kitchen, or use some you have stored away.   I have a drawer full of dish towels and switch them out according to the season.   This cheery vintage towel, that was a gift, makes me smile when it hangs on the towel bar in our kitchen.



January spruce-ups

8.  Rethink your coasters.  We use coasters all of the time, and I have several sets.  I found these small vintage saucers in an antique mall, and they make perfect coasters.  Plus, the blue and white fits right in with our colors.  It’s a new way to use something that is not a typical coaster.  You might want to make a set of these coasters that Jordan made.



January Spruce-ups

9.  Try a new candle scent.  Do you always buy the same candle fragrance every time?  I like certain scents for certain seasons.  Right now the fresh linen scent (or fresh cotton) makes our home smell so clean and welcoming.  Since it’s too cold to enjoy fresh air coming through an open window, a fresh candle is a nice substitute.



January spruce-ups

10.  Use some colorful books in your vignettes.  You can buy some at a thrift store or cover books you already own with colorful scrapbook paper.  Our library has a used book store that has a mega-sale once a year.  It’s a great time to stock up.



January spruce-ups

11.  Replace your worn kitchen gadgets.  My daughter-in-law knows how much I enjoy red in the kitchen, and when she saw that my spatulas were looking a little rugged, she and Cory knew just what to do. They bought some new ones for me, and it makes such a difference in the kitchen.



January spruce-ups

12.  Rotate your throw pillows.  I might be preaching to the choir on this one, but one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change up the look of a room is by changing the pillows.  If you have a good selection of throw pillows, then store some away, and use the ones you have not used for a while.  If you feel the need for a new one, then that’s great because a lot of them are on sale right now.  An economical approach is to buy some good down pillows but only buy pillows covers. It is much easier to store away just a cover than an entire pillow.

BONUS – This is always my go-to solution when the house is looking a little dull and drab.  I pull out my spray bottle full of vinegar and water and clean the windows, the light bulbs, and the glass on photos and art.  It’s unbelievable to me the difference a clean window makes in a room.

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Hopefully, you found some suggestions that you can use in your own homes.  Feel free to add your ideas to the list in the comment section.  Thanks so much for stopping in.  We will see you tomorrow.


Take care.


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    …really nice ideas///! I had already done a few before even reading this . …I am using a different cup for my tea. I changed out my teatowels in the kitchen…… And I bought myself a new kitchen apron…! Thank you for the inspirations, God bless.