Making a Shirt Pillow – Revisited

I can’t believe we have been blogging for four years.  Each month we like to go back and share one of our favorite posts, and last January when my mom was visiting, we made this adorable shirt pillow.  We are amazed how many comments we get from readers when they see this pillow.  If you haven’t made one yet, now is the time.  It’s easy and free if you use an old shirt that you are about to throw away.

  When we saw a picture of a pillow made from a man’s shirt on the Country Living magazine website, we thought it would be the perfect project to try.  And luckily, Yankee had just tossed one of his shirts because it had a hole in the sleeve.  I grabbed it, and Mom and I successfully made a pillow.



Pillow Shirt

This isn’t the first time we have made pillows out of unusual materials.  Mom had great luck when she made two Ralph Lauren style pillows from sports jackets.


Shirt Pillow

The first thing we did was spread the shirt out on the table and determine how large the pillow should be.  We wanted it to be a square measuring about 12 inches.


Shirt Pillow

Next we cut off the sleeves, but we really didn’t need to do that because the top of the pillow would actually be below the arms.


Pillow shirt

After we cut out a square, all we had to do was sew up the four sides.  First, we put the right sides together.  Also, we left an opening so that we could put the pillow stuffing inside.


Shirt Pillow

Then we stuffed it and sewed up the opening.  It’s a little lumpy right now, but those lumps will smooth out over time.


Shirt Pillow

We tossed it onto the daybed in the Florida room, but I plan to make another one and use them on the back porch this summer.



Shirt Pillow