We Are Back!!!

Hello, everyone and Happy New Year!!!  After a nice two-week break filled with lots of traveling and family time, we are back to our regular schedules today.  However, we are still celebrating.  Not only do Jordan and I both have birthdays this week, but our blog turns four years old!!!  We can’t believe we have been at it that long.


Jordan and I, along with our husbands, spent the Christmas week on a Caribbean cruise.  We sailed out of San Juan, PR on the Jewel of the Sea to St. Thomas, St. Kitts, St. Maarten, Martinique, and Barbados.  The ship was huge, and there were 2,300 passengers aboard.  However, there were so many different activities and so much space that we didn’t feel crowded or cramped at all.   When our children were in middle and high school, we took cruises during their spring breaks because it was a great family vacation that offered a lot of things to do.  Since Mr. Right and I now prefer active vacations, we haven’t been on one for quite a while.  We had forgotten how refreshing and relaxing a cruise can be.





We took advantage of the shore stops and visited castles…….




…..and forts……




…..a private home on a sugar plantation that no longer grows sugar cane……









……spent Christmas Day at the beach……




…..enjoyed local art…..





…..and did a little shopping.





The ship was decked out for Christmas, and we all sang carols on Christmas Eve.  Then before going to bed, the four of us went to midnight mass.  It was a very easy and relaxing way to spend the holiday.  We enjoyed it so much that we might try to make our way to Antarctica next Christmas.


 Liberty Bowl

The four of us were on the same flight out of San Juan for the return, but we parted ways at the Atlanta airport.  Jordan and Yankee flew to Utah for a week of skiing with their friends.  Mr. Right and I came home, and headed to Memphis, TN the next day for the Liberty Bowl.  We watched our alma mater West Virginia University lose to Texas A & M and froze our bottoms off in the process.  While we were there, we went to Arkansas so I could mark off my 50th state.



Tea w/ family


Our son Cory, and his new wife Josie were here this week to bring in the new year.  The down-side is that the two of them and Mr. Right all caught very bad colds or the flu.  Thankfully, I stayed healthy and was able to be their nurse.  I made a lot of chicken noodle soup.  Whatever they had was like a bad, bad cold with a very bad cough, and they are still struggling to get back some energy.  They did recover enough to take me to tea at one of my favorite places in the world, The Greentree Tea Room, to get my birthday week off to a good start.


Well, that’s how I spent my holiday.  Jordan and I have are going to have a blog meeting this week and come up with our blogging strategies for 2015.  All of this would not be as much fun without our readers, and we really love that you choose to spend time with us.  Thank you so much.

Take care.


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    What an incredible time you all had!…Loved seeing the amazing photos….Glad that you were able to mark off your 50th State!…and hope that your family are on the way to recovering from being ill..they are luck that you were well to take care of them!….Are we enjoying the same birthday week?…Happy Birthday Janette!

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      My birthday is tomorrow and my mom’s is Friday so I think we all are celebrating our birthday week! Cheers to another great year.

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    Wow looks like you all had an amazing Christmas holiday! A lot of people have had that awful flu/cough thing and it seems to last a week or more. Hope everyone is feeling better now. Congratulations on four years of blogging! You all do an awesome job and I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing all of the amazing photos you take. Looking forward to seeing what all you all have planned for 2015!