Sand and Snow

Hi everyone.  We just wanted to stop in and say greetings to all.  We know you are enjoying down time this week, and so are we.  Mom, Dad, Yankee and I spent last week sailing in the Caribbean, and it was wonderful.  We spent Christmas day on a beach in Barbados, and we had turkey and the works on that evening for dinner.   (And we didn’t have to cook it or clean up afterwards.  Score!!!)  It can’t get much better than that in our book.


When the cruise ended, Yankee and I flew straight from San Juan, PR to Utah where we are now enjoying a fun week of skiing with our friends.  And Mom and Dad are off to a college bowl game.  We will check in when we can.  Meanwhile, go out there, and enjoy the rest of 2014!!!



  1. Donnamae says

    Oh what fun! You know, I’ve always wanted to do that….take the family somewhere for Christmas! Sounds like such a great idea…the trip is the present! Have a great time…happy New Year! 😉

  2. says

    Wow how awesome!! Sounds like you all had a wonderful Christmas. I have a friend that moved to San Juan a few months back and she is always telling me how warm it is there. When it was 20 degrees here in Tennessee a few weeks ago it was 85 there. Looks like you all went from sun to snow and are having a blast doing both. Happy New Year !