My Kitchen Aid is Stuck – Again

I should probably not be writing this post right now.  I should probably count to 10.  I should probably follow my mother’s rule and say nothing if I can’t say something nice.  I should probably be the nice blogger and never bash a potential advertiser.  I should be thinking about pretty things like puppies and butterflies.  But, I am going to ignore all of those rules and dive right in with a rant, even in this season of goodwill and good cheer.  My Kitchen-Aid mixer is stuck – again.

  Kitchen Aid

I just made pizza dough because Mr. Right and I are going to eat pizza and watch basketball on television.  I used the paddle attachment and let the mixer do the kneading.  Everything went great until it was time to remove the bowl from the mixer to clean it.  It wouldn’t budge – again.


 Kitchen Aid

That’s right.  This has happened to me over and over and over again.  It’s not fun having a mixing bowl full of delicate cake batter and then not be able to remove the bowl to pour the batter into the pans.  I even sprayed it with cooking spray before I started mixing the dough.  It didn’t help  at all.


 Kitchen Aid

I thought I was the only person this has happened to and never bothered to contact the company.  Then Jordan was here in November when it happened, and she said she had the same problem with her Kitchen Aid.  And get this – there is even a video on Youtube with instructions on how to get it to release.  And just as an FYI – Kitchen Aid came up with the four steps for releasing the bowl, and the last step involves a mallet.  So, they are obviously aware of the problem.  There could be hundreds of us out there dealing with this major inconvenience.  Thousands maybe, because over 11,000 viewers have watched the video.


 Kitchen Aid

So tell me, have any of you had this problem?  Please let us know.  Okay, I am now going to go watch Youtube to follow the four-step process to hopefully get the darn thing unstuck.



Thanks for reading.  I hope I didn’t turn you completely off.  Please come back tomorrow, and we will for sure be more pleasant.



Take care.


  1. says

    This is way better than a honey coated blog about how perfect and wonderful a sponsor’s whatever is. Keep it real… keep it honest. Then maybe I’ll believe sponsored posts later down the road…

  2. Lesley says

    I’ve done it twice and have realised since that I don’t need to lock the bowl into position quite so tightly when using and also leave it upside down to air properly after washing. The first time I almost threw the mixer out of the kitchen window in sheer temper, frustration and panic. I did look at the video and waited for husband to do the necessary with a rubber mallet over a towel. It works believe me – gentle taps and away it comes. I still wouldn’t swap it for the world.

    Best wishes for Xmas and the New Year from the Sussex Downs in the UK!

  3. patty matthews says

    I had that problem last night. Had to get help from my husband. He told me when I got ready to put it up to put some olive oil on it…

  4. Kim A says

    My get stuck sometimes, but all I usually have to do is hit it with the heel of my hand to get it unstuck. But lately the pin thy holds the head to the base has started inching out when I have really vigorous mixing. Gotta remember to check that every time. Happy holidays.

  5. Cindi says

    I had this problem about 10 days ago for the first time. I left the the entire thing on my pop-up and text my husband. I left for a function and when I came home he had gotten it loose by hitting it with his hand.

    I had never had this happen before (I’ve had my mixer 11 years) and thought I just put it on crooked