An Industrial/Contemporary Christmas Tree

If you like a contemporary or industrial look, then you will love the Christmas tree I recently saw.  One of the added benefits of going to Christmas parties is that you get to meet up with old friends and make new ones.  Last week seemed to be party-central around here, and I was out and about almost every night.  (Sadly, Mr. Right was in Colombia where it was 90 degrees and missed out).)  When I went to a yule log party on Thursday night, I was introduced to Joyce and Sheila and was told Joyce is quite the crafty one.  That, I later found out, is sooooooooooo true.  Joyce told me about a tree she made for her neighbor, Michelle, and Sheila arranged for us to meet.

industrial tree

I showed up on Michelle’s door step a few days later with my camera and tripod in hand and was wowed by the tree that Joyce had constructed out of……….drum roll, please……………PVC pipe, dryer venting, and lights.



Contemporary Tree 1

Michelle and her family recently moved into a freshly remodeled, contemporary house, and the tree was the perfect addition to the modern environment.  Since Joyce had done such a good job creating their daughter’s Halloween party, they asked her to make a Christmas tree for them.



Contemporary Tree 2

Joyce explained that she bought her supplies at Home Depot and collaborated with one of the employees on her design.  The base is made of four PVC pipes that are sort of in a teepee shape.  Then the venting is wrapped around it.  As you can see the lights easily rest in the creases.



Contemporary Tree 4

Michelle’s adorable daughter and dog, “Quick”, who is an Ibizan hound, were glad to pose during the shoot.



Contemporary mantel 2

Even though the tree is contemporary and creative perfection, Joyce did not stop there.  Take a peek at the logs in the fireplace.



Painted Logs 1

She painted the logs to match the colors in the pillows.  The walls in the house are pure white, and like many of us, Michelle uses accessories to bring in the color.



Painted Logs 2

However, she didn’t stop with just one side.  The logs are “reversible”, and the other ends are painted in fall colors.  So, next fall all Michelle needs to do is flip the logs, and she will have her fall look.


Contermporary mantel 1

The art work also brings in more color, and I love the glistening stockings.  The whole contemporary Christmas proves that you don’t have to go green and alive to create a merry atmosphere in a home.  Christmas can be anything you want as long as it is a look you love and enjoy.  Thanks so much to Joyce, Sheila, and Michelle for helping to make this visit possible.


 Thanks for stopping in.  We will see you tomorrow.


Take care.


  1. Joyce says

    This was such a fun project to do for my wonderful new neighbors. Thanks for a great article and showing the holidays can look like many different things!

      • says

        I don’t have a photo of the base, but according to Joyce, she bought four pieces of PVC pipe cut to the length she wanted. Like the base of a teepee, she positioned them as wide as she wanted the tree to be and then tied them together at the top. Then she looped the venting around the base starting at the bottom.

    • says

      Sorry, but I don’t have a photo of the base. She had four pieces of PVC pipe cut to the height she wanted. Then she leaned them in at the top teepee style and tied them together. Then she simply started looping the dryer vent around it from the bottom up.

  2. Ms match says

    If you use a glue gun to glue rows together to keep from slipping down then when u go to take it all down and pull apart the glue is stuck so hard it causes the aluminum to tear, got another idea to keep it all together?

    • says

      Sorry, Ms. Match, but since I didn’t make the tree, I don’t have another idea. Joyce did not use glue because her lights stayed in the creases just fine. You made a very good point. I guess I shouldn’t have suggested the glue. My bad. Thanks for the heads up!!!