Our Hostess Gift Ideabook

We realized that we haven’t yet shared our latest Houzz Ideabook with you.  We selected hostess gifts as our latest entry, and we came up with some great items.  We would love to give them, and we would love to receive them.  That’s the sign of the best gift, don’t you think?  Giving a gift you would like to receive is the best.  The items range in price from less than $9.00 up to $99.00.  We know $99.00 might seem like a lot for a hostess gift, but you might want to spend a little more for a gift for your hostess if you are spending the night or the week-end.  The rest of them are reasonably priced.

hostess gifts

Hopefully, you will find some ideas that might help you out.  Go here to see our selections.


We’ll see you tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping in.