The Christmas Foyer

Greetings, everyone.  I am keeping our Christmas decorations low-key this year.  Here’s the deal:   Jordan and Yankee and Mr. Right and I are going to be off of the grid for Christmas this year.  We have planned a big trip together, and we are focusing more on it than on decorating..  Plus, Mr. Right is spending this week in another country and isn’t here to enjoy them.  Since I am not one to put up Christmas decorations until Thanksgiving has been put away, that really only leaves one week to enjoy a decorated house.  In the keeping it real category, that’s what’s going down around here.  I really didn’t want to go to a lot of work just to decorate the house to get some blog posts out of it.

Christmas foyer


That being said, I did buy the most beautiful poinsettia for the foyer table.  The county has an agriculture program for high school students, and in the fall they grow poinsettias to sell at Christmas.  During the spring semester, they grow the most beautiful ferns.



ChrIstmas foyer

The plants go on sale the Monday after Thanksgiving and are as fresh as you can get.  Plus, they are a super bargain at only $12.00 each for the large ones.  I put it in this container that I tweaked last year.



Christmas foyer

Since I replaced the former bench in the foyer with this marble-topped dresser, I finally have a place for vignettes, and this is a nice one that we walk past many, many times a day.



Christmas foyer

The red in the flowers really brings out the red and green in the plates hanging on the wall.



Christmas foyer

To go along with the poinsettia, I brought out three of the vintage post cards that I framed and matted in polka dots two years ago.  Plus, I added a more neutral lamp.



Christmas foyer


In case you haven’t thought about it, vintage post cards make great little works of art.  We have them for all seasons.



Christmas wreath


I also bought and hung our fresh wreath this week-end.  It get direct sun, and so it’s important to not hang it too early.  That door really isn’t as dirty as it looks in the photo.  I don’t know what that glare is all about, but it’s the first day we have had real sunshine in a while, and I wanted to take advantage of it.



Christmas foyer

I have really be enjoying the Christmas decorations in blogland this year.  You all have such energy and creativity.  I’ll let you do the work this year, and I’m just going to sit back and enjoy it.  Thanks for stopping in.

Take care.


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    I don’t blame you one bit. I wouldn’t either I wasn’t around to enjoy it. I hope y’all have a wonderful trip!

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    Simple is best – I’m seeing a lot of it this year. Your little container is so cute and just right for that plant. I’m so glad you are supporting agriculture education – Being a vocational (now called Career Education) teacher I’ve always purchased their plants. For the last few years our students have sold mandarin oranges that they harvest from the trees on the school farm. That reminds me, now that I’m retired I have to get in touch with the school to get my bag before they sell out. Happy holidays.

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    Oh have fun on your Christmas vacation…and I think that just bringing in natural elements like the poinsettia really sets the tone for the holidays…you are doing what is most important, being with and enjoying your family during the holidays!