The Seasons’ Saturday Selections

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We are glad to  be back offering some of our favorite Saturday Selections.  We hope you enjoy what we came up with this week.

Windgate Lane

Bee from Windgate Lane draws on her powder room wall with a paint pen.  It is such a cool look.




Wendi, from H2O Bungalow shares how to make this faux pallet wood box.  This is the perfect Thanksgiving centerpiece.




My mom is reading and really enjoying this book right now.  Click here to learn more.



Rain on a Tin Roof

Jenna, from Rain on a Tin Roof creates this DIY Lucite Frame with a wonderful quote from “Gone with the Wind.”




Jen, from Carlsbad Cravings, shows us how to make the perfect caramelized nuts in 5 minutes.


We hope you enjoyed our selections for the week.  Please go back to the original blogs if you would like to pin.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and we will be back Monday.


Cheers and Take Care.




  1. says

    Love these features . . . Never thought to paint a wall using paint pens…clever…The lucite frame is wonderful; however, I am loving that gorgeous green chest. Great pallet Harvest box! …ant the timing is perfect as I am looking for a great holiday nut recipe…Let us know how you like the book…it looks great…as I love Paris!…Have a great weekend ladies!!!

  2. says

    I’m honored you shared my faux pallet wood box. I’m sure there are lots of other DIYers out there who don’t relish the idea of wrestling with pallets either! I love mine and am looking at it now as I type:) Have a lovely weekend!