Thanksgiving Table Cloth

Greetings everyone.  I am so happy  to be writing this post from the comforts of my parents’ great room.  I flew down this morning to spend a few days with them and am excited to do some fun activities with my mom.  If you are looking for an idea for your Thanksgiving table this year, then we have one for you in the form of my thankful table cloth.  For those of you who are long-time readers, we’re sorry you have to see this again, but when we discussed which post from November, 2013 we wanted to revisit, this one was a no-brainer. It happens to be in the top five for being one of our most “pinned” posts ever, and our new readers haven’t seen it before.  We are cringing because our photography skills have thankfully improved since we took these shots, but since I am here, and the table cloth is in Syracuse, we can’t take new photos for tomorrow.  So, here is our revisited post in its original form with a very good idea.


The Wednesday night before Thanksgiving is a relaxed evening, and I wanted to have a casual table. Plus, I wanted to start our own Thanksgiving tradition with a thankful table cloth that can be used year after year. First, I bought a drop cloth and washed and dried it to make it ready.



Drop cloth

  Then I ironed it, though I will need to do it again before it is used.



Drop cloth

I used our dining room table as my craft table since it is so big.  I stretched the drop cloth onto the table and found the center.


Drop cloth

Since this will be our thankful table cloth, I decided to stencil “Give Thanks.”  I had some stencils on hand from other projects and just used them.  I bought brown fabric paint at a craft store.


Give Thanks

I left some space in the center so I could add a center piece.  Right now I’m using  a pitcher filled with wheat.



Give Thanks

Next up will be the fun part.  I purchased some Sharpie permanent  markers.  Each year we will bring out this table cloth and whoever is visiting our house for Thanksgiving will sign, date and write what they are thankful for that year.


Give Thanks

Right now I have so much to be thankful for, but I am going to wait and write it down when everyone is at our house.  I am excited about this new Thanksgiving tradition.  It will be fun to pull out this table cloth that will become part of our family history for years to come.

Do you have an special Thanksgiving traditions?





  1. Wendy Johnson says

    thank you, what a lovely idea, especially for us who have an older generation who may be gone next year.

  2. says

    So glad you reposted this as I must have missed it before.

    What a FANTASTIC idea!
    Love it. Have so much fun with your mom. Life is precious. 🙂