Kitchen Hardware Failure

We always try to keep it real around here for you.  Recently, I got the bright idea to buy some cabinet hardware that would give our city townhouse kitchen more of a country kitchen look.  I looked and looked and couldn’t find the pulls in any of the stores here.  So, I went on-line and found them at Home Depot, ordered them, and then picked them up at the store.  For some reason, the nearest HD to us didn’t carry them.  Too bad because it would have saved me some hassle.

Kitchen hardware failure

We have the same hardware in all of our bathrooms, the bar area, and the kitchen.  I like a nice uniform look.  However, after it was installed during our remodel, I was never a real fan of it because it tarnished almost immediately.  I even wrote a post about it.  Well, I didn’t realize how much it had tarnished until I installed one of the new pulls.  It looked horrible.  The hardware just didn’t work with our cabinet style either, and the finish was just too shiny.  So, I immediately took it off and returned all of them to the store.  Now I have to decide if I want to keep the tarnished pulls the way they are, spray paint them ORB, or replace all of them.  Decisions, decisions……


Take care.