New Plates in the Foyer

Jordan and I each recently painted our guest bedrooms (see mine here) the same color, and I made a mini-change when I was putting the room back together.  By simply switching the plates that were on the foyer wall with the plates that were on the guest room wall, I ended up with a fresh look in both areas.

Foyer plates - The 2 Seasons

These plates are by Royal Doulton, and I bought them in an antique store in Birmingham years ago.   They work so well in this space because they have the main colors of our decor in them, and they are just very pretty.


Foyer plates

Don’t get me wrong,  They blue plates that were there before looked fine.  (You are seeing Mr. Right’s office reflected there in the mirror.)




And all of the plates look nice with the colorful foyer rug.



Foyer plates - The 2 Seasons

But it was a way to switch things around, and you know I love doing that (good blogger.)


Foyer plates - The 2 Seasons

Just a little bit of time was all it took, and we have a fresh updated look in both rooms.


Take care.