Are You Ready For Some Tailgating?

 Football season is finally here!  While attending the University of Georgia, I learned that football Saturdays were like religious holidays for people who love the game.  Tailgating is a must, and it is always good time.  This month for our Houzz guest pick idea book, we have picked some great selections that will help make your tailgating event even better.



Click the link below to see what we found:





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    Oh my goodness, I have enjoyed your blog for over a year now but had no idea that you went to UGA! Me too! And, yes, there is nothing like Athens on a football Saturday. The RVs start rollling in on Thurs and Fri, and by Saturday it is just electric. How ‘Bout Them Dawgs 🙂

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      I loved every minute of my time at UGA. I get to see them play in November when they will be in Lexington against UK. Yankee and I are going to spend the week-end with my parents and go to the game. Go Dawgs!