Interesting Rugs and Rug Pad USA

This is a sponsored post, however all opinions are my own.

I love interesting rugs.  They add that extra punch of personality to a room.  We have quite a variety of rugs throughout our house, but luckily they all are in the same color family.  We have learned that to make these rugs last longer, stay in place, and feel soft to our feet, it’s important to use the right rug pads under them.

Painting Office Cabinets

We have trendy rugs, and we have fine rugs like this one in Mr. Right’s working office.


Great room

When we added two sisal rugs to our great room, we removed some  Persian rugs that just weren’t looking so fresh.  No fears, though.  We stored them away and will surely pull them out as soon as that vibe  comes back in style.  By the way, you can read how rugs, like the sisals, are made here. To add a pop of color to one of the sisals, I layered a rug from Morocco that Jordan and I picked out together when we bicycled  together from Spain through the Sahara desert to Dakar, Senegal.  Buying that rug was one of the funniest experiences we have shared together.  Looking at that rug always reminds me of that grueling trip.


Foyer rug close-up

I was amazed how this antique kilim rug that Mr. Right and I bought on a week-end trip to Istanbul, Turkey last November changed the look of the foyer.



The color from the rug made the pillows, plates on the wall, and art just come alive.


New rug in guest room

When I spiffed up our guest room last spring, I brought in some navy with the purchase of two area rugs.  Their calming colors were what the bright yellow walls of the room needed.  (Next week you’ll get to see how the room now looks with its more gentle paint color.)


Upstairs foyer

We also have a kilim runner in the upstairs hallway.  It anchors the space, softens the hardwoods, and adds more color to the area.



Kitchen - The 2 Seasons

We anchor the kitchen table with a big red rag rug that we bought a few years ago.  I can’t imagine this room without this bright pop of color on the floor.


Kitchen rug - The 2 Seasons

I recently added this colorful rug to the kitchen “work area”.   This rug has been stored away, and I’m so glad I brought it out.  I used to have a brown vinyl padded commercial rug here, but it was just plain ugly.  I kept telling myself it blended in with the floor, and Jordan kept reminding me that it didn’t.  This colorful number looks so much better.


Kitchen rug - The 2 Seasons

I spend a lot of hours standing in this part of the kitchen.  It’s where the sink, the stove, and the food prep area are located.  Since we don’t wear shoes in the house, my feet weren’t very comfortable.  I knew it was time to find a nice rug pad.




Enter Rug Pad USA.  It is an online rug pad company  that will custom-cut the rug pad of your choice to the size you need.  I knew that I wanted a thick pad with a non-slip rubber pad, and so, I selected the Premium-Lock pad in a 3/8 inch thickness.  It is so comfortable.  It’s important to have a rug pad under every rug in the home for several reasons:  They will help the rugs last longer, they serve as an additional sound barrier,  and they add the softness that your feet need.  Rug Pad USA offers several styles and thicknesses, and the bonus is that it will arrive cut to the exact size you need.  I ordered my rug, and it was in our home two days later.  I love a company with great customer service.


So, how about you?  Do you have hardwoods topped with colorful rugs?  Do you use rug pads?  Or do you have carpeting?



Take care.


  1. Cheryl Ann says

    Janette, “bicycled thru the Sahara” not something I can imagine actually doing…you are inspiring me to walk around my neighborhood though. Love the beautiful rugs and I’m going to check out the thick padding for our kitchen rug. Having gone through the rubber padded (ugly) phase, I too have a vibrant colored rug and need some extra softness underfoot. Love hearing about your travels… Cheryl Ann

    • says

      Thank you, Cheryl Ann, for the kind comments. I’m glad we have inspired you. The rug pad is working out great. My feet love it!!!