Homemade Peach Jam

After having some extra peaches last week after this post, I decided it would be fun to make homemade peach jam for the first time. My parents live in the middle of peach country, and I bought a half peck when visiting them recently. Then when I returned to Lexington, I purchased some more peaches at the farmers’ market.


Peach jam

I grew up on food that my mother canned and froze every summer.  In fact, at age 87, she is probably canning something today.  Anyway, after seeing her work so hard putting all of that food away, I made a mental note to never learn to can food.  It was just so overwhelming to me.  The upside to all of that work, though, was that we were eating organic foods without even knowing it because my parents grew everything in their garden.  Living in a townhouse gives me little space for growing fruits and veggies, although I do have an herb garden.



peach jam - the 2 seasons

Jordan, on the other hand, is a canning queen.  She has been canning fresh produce for two summers now.  Maybe the two of them sent some vibes my way because I might have to try it again.  To begin the process of making the jam, I bought a box of pectin at the grocery and just followed some directions I found online.  The whole process from beginning to end took around two hours.


Peach jam - The 2 Seasons

And let me tell you…..it was so worth it.  I ended up with 10 half pint jars of peach jam, and it is absolutely delicious.  When the snow is falling, I’ll be enjoying the fruits of my labor.  So, the bottom line here is that if you have never made jam because you thought it would be messy and too difficult, think again.  Take the plunge, and try it.


Take care.