The Best Garden Hose

I finally found the best garden hose on the market in my humble opinion.  Actually, Jordan suggested that I purchase one, so it is her opinion that it is the best garden hose, too.   It is now resting in our Ralph Lauren courtyard.  For years, I have wrestled with an old ugly green garden hose that refused to roll up and stay put.  I even bought a massive container to hide it in, but it kept tipping over.

Thanks to Jordan, I bought a Pocket Hose that I found on Amazon.  If you interested, here’s the link.


When I took it out of the package, I was amazed at how tiny it really is, yet it is 50 feet long.   It was kind of blah just lying in a teeny coil like it is supposed to do. I decided to put my creative hat on, and I came up with a solution that is both cute and functional.



Garden hose holder  - The 2 Seasons

I decided to keep it in a container, and I knew a paint can would be the right size.  First, I purchased a new/empty paint can which was available for $4.99 at Home Depot.  I already had some spray primer, Frog tape, red spray paint, and a chalk label on hand.



 Garden hose holder - The 2 Seasons

The steps were very simple, and other than the drying time, this project took just a few minutes.  I first made a couple of nail holes in the bottom for drainage.  Then I took the can outside and sprayed it with the primer.  I let that layer dry for about 30 minutes.  Then I added three rows of frog tape.  The two on the top and bottom are wider than the one in the middle to add some visual interest.  Let me add that since the paint can is made for holding paint, the inside has a coating on it that will prevent rust.



 Garden hose holder - The 2 Seasons

Then I sprayed the entire can a second time with red spray paint by Rustoleum and let it dry while I visited with my neighbor/art teacher and admired her latest still life painting which just blew me away.



 Garden hose holder - The 2 Seasons

I gently removed the tape because I realized that the white primer really had not had time to cure.  If you are wondering, I decided to forgo using white paint and just stayed with the primer.  The red and white stripes were so cute, but it needed just one more little addition.




Garden hose holder - The 2 Seasons

I wrote the French word for garden, le jardin, on a chalk label and attached it to the side.  It is so darn cute, and my perfect watering hose has a cute place to call home.  I intend to let everything cure a couple of days, and then I will add some sealer to it so that the label will adhere in rainy weather.  This is a project that children can do with adult supervision, and your simple garden hose will become a topic of conversation when you entertain outdoors.  If Ralph Lauren stopped in for a visit (that’s only going to happen in my dreams), I don’t think he would feel this adds to the RL atmosphere I have been striving for.  He probably would think the stripes need to be aged, but I think the can now has some pizzazz.


So, our water hose went from this……



Garden hose hidden in painted can - The 2 Seasons

… this.


On the family front, Jordan flew home to Syracuse this morning.  Tears of sadness here.  We think there’s going to be a loooooong dry spell before we see each other again – like maybe Thanksgiving.  If she can, she might join Mike and me for our annual bicycle ride from Pittsburgh to Washington, DC in the fall, but there are a lot of details to work out to make that one happen.  Meanwhile, we’ll be on the phone to each other everyday, and we will continue to try to improve our blog and grow our readership.  She has a new addition to her improved curb appeal that she will share with you tomorrow.


Take care.


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  1. Lorraine says

    We have had a “pocket” hose for two years….actually we are on our second. The first one “split”. Ours is 100′ so we store it in a clay planter under the garden spigot (though I love your paint can idea). The hose is so light! We had many different “hangers” over the years for standard hoses but they all meant either rolling or circling the hose. Hard work. Another great feature of this hose is that it doesn’t “kink” which makes it so much easier to pull around the gardens. The first one breaking might have been our fault. We now know not to extend the hose before turning on the water but to leave it in a “heap” and just let the water expand it.
    Makes for easier gardening!
    Loved the photos from your son’s wedding! Beautiful day!!!

    • says


      Glad to hear the second pocket hose is working. I had no idea that they go up to 100′. I love my so much it makes it so much easier to water things and now I need to make a storage container like my moms! I also like the clay planter idea, thanks for sharing.


  2. Carol says

    I love the Pocket Hose concept but so far I haven’t had very good luck with them (two 25′ and one 50′). The 50′ and one 25′ lasted less than a month until they burst. The other one is not used very often so it’s still working. There is a “new, improved” one out but according to some of the reviews I’ve read, they are not much better. Let us know how well your last.

    • says


      Oh no that is such a bummer you have not had good luck with them. We will keep you posted. Fingers crossed they will last.


    • says

      Katie, glad you like it. We just learned that my grandmother wants a painted bucket for her 90th birthday gift in two weeks. She wants to put her garden hose in one, too.

    • says


      Give it a try it is so nice not to lug around a hose. I am glad my mom finally got one for her courtyard.


  3. says

    We have had our pocket hoses for over a year and just love them. We got ours from the “As Seen On TV” store and have never regretted the purchase. I love your paint can idea! Jardin is just the right finishing touch.

    • says


      Glad to know your pocket hoses is still going strong. I forgot about the “As Seen on TV” another great place to pick up one of these products.