The Wedding Day

A wedding is always a special event, but when it is one of your children’s, it is off the charts.  We had a wedding in our family last week when our son Cory (Jordan’s brother) married Josie in the best country wedding I could ever imagine.  The wedding mass took place at 2:00 in the afternoon, and the last dance was went down at midnight.  Josie has lived in Washington, DC since graduating from college there, but she wanted her wedding to be held in her hometown in Nebraska.  Friends from all over the country and the world flew there to be part of the festivities with them, and they didn’t go home disappointed.


Wedding Day - The 2 Seasons

The photographer was Joel Sartore who shoots for National Geographic magazine.  He took 3,000 photos and is holding back 40 to submit to a magazine for national publication.  Josie sent me a few before they left on their honeymoon.  You will see his watermark on the shots he took, and the ones that are uncredited were sent to us by various family and friends in attendance.  (Tomorrow’s post will be shots of the reception that I took with a point and shoot camera).



Wedding day - The 2 Seasons

The church was standing room only, and Cory was surrounded by his best friends whom he bonded with early in his days at the Air Force Academy. He is an sentimental guy, and I always said he would have to phone in his vows on his wedding day.  Luckily, he made it through with just a few tears being shed.  Of course, all of us in attendance were pulling for him.  Josie had a few tears, too.



Wedding Day - The 2 Seasons

When they left the church, we showered them with rose petals.



Wedding day - The 2 Seasons

They were driven away in this Model T Ford that had belonged to Josie’s grandfather.  Cory is 6 feet 7 inches tall and had to squeeze into the boot of the car.  Nothing was going to keep him from sitting beside his new bride.



The Wedding - The 2 Seasons

The wedding reception was held on her family’s ranch, and they pulled out all of the stops.  Joel is on the tractor here to catch them at a special angle.  Behind them in this shot is a huge tent, trees, people, musicians, bars, tractors, antiques, etc.  I will show those things to you tomorrow.


The Wedding- The 2 Seasons

This is one of my favorites.



Wedding Day - The 2 Seasons

Many of the groomsmen, including Cory, were on the Air Force Academy’s basketball team, so they know how to jump!!!



Wedding Day - The 2 Seasons

Josie loves cowgirl boots and gave each of her bridesmaids a pair for their gifts.  She wore satin shoes to the ceremony but slipped these on to maneuver the field easier.  Since the wedding was July 5, the red, white, and blue were very appropriate.  Many of the wedding guests, including Jordan and Mr. Spring, bought a pair of boots before they flew home from Nebraska.

 The Wedding - The 2 Seasons

 I love that Joel had them climb on a big round hay bale for this one. They are probably laughing because they knew when the sun went down that something special was going to happen…..



Wedding Day - The 2 Seasons

…..And this is what it was.  The family had this giant heart made for the side of this huge old barn.  It was the show-stopper.  EVERYONE LOVED it!!!



Wedding Day - The 2 Seasons

This is another one of my favorite shots.  They are walking into their future.


If you are new here, then you might enjoy seeing Jordan’s Kentucky wedding here.


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    How beautiful! Your family is so lovely, and now you have a gorgeous new family member!

    Thanks for posting the link to the post about Jordan’s wedding–I hadn’t seen that before, and it was such fun to see!

    So wish I could have been at Haven to see y’all again. Glad you got to go!

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      We actually were looking for you. Sorry you couldn’t make it. Next year’s Haven will be back at the same hotel we were in last year. Hope to see you there.

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    What gorgeous photos!…Janette, you have a beautiful family…the apples do not fall far from the tree!..Congrats to the newlyweds…it looked like it was such a very special wedding and to be married on her family’s ranch is just so wonderful…So happy to have been able to spend time with you and Jordan!…It was so much fun!!…

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      It was a beautiful day. After the wedding I had to go out and by some boots, though I went for red boots. I love them!